This sounds dumb - even for a politician

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As most of who probably do not know a controversial document known at the "Estrela Report" was recently defeated (see in the European Parliament. Specifically the EP adopted an "alternative report" stating that the matters addressed in the Estrela Report were the competence of member states rather than of the EU passed with 334 votes for, 327 against and 35 abstentions (although one of the guys who voted for the resolution meant to vote against it but he hit the wrong button).

Anyways as you may expect, Edite Estrela, the main backer of the Estrela report was upset with the outcome of the vote. But one of the things she said to the EP in the aftermath of the vote was rather strange. She said ". I lament the fact that the most extremist and fundamentalist movements should have prevailed over the will of members".

Prevailed over the will of the members? The members voted against the Estrela resolution. If the will of the members was to have passed the Estrela report instead of the alternative report, then wouldn't they have done so? Instead they did what they did.