This guy can play the Super Mario theme on his teeth

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And in the interest of full disclosure... "This guy" is me. Please pardon the vanity. I just figured this is one of the only places on the web where people might appreciate such a totally bizarre talent. I can play music by biting my teeth down. It's obviously useless for anything orchestral, but it's perfect for melody-heavy songs like old game music. So, uh, lemme know if you enjoy it or are just horrifically grossed out?

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Great, keep it up and you can one day be a paid spokesman for ClearChoice.

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Well it was entertaining for about 20 seconds, then boring.

neat talent though.

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My gf wants to know why.

You're the first gamespot user to show up on my tv btw. I enjoyed it.

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does that hurt by the way?

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Was ok.

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Not bad. I'll be impressed when you can play the "dungeon/bowser" theme music though :D

(I can play the super mario theme on classical guitar btw)