Things you regret buying

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What are things you regret buying and how much did your regrets cost you?

For me it would be $115 on a 3 month gym membership for a gym I did not enjoy going, it was a small gym with all the necessary equipment, but since it's small, when you train there during the evening all the Ahnold wannabe meatheads chest thumpers are in your face, and often inject themselves into your workout.

I now go to a larger gym, with all the necessary equipment and much nicer, less intrusive people.

$50 on a pair of shirts I have no intention of wearing.

$120 on Windows 8.1.

$60 for a copy of Black Ops.

$30 for a copy of Battlefield 3, was fun for about two weeks, and that was it.

My regrets cost me a total of $375, from October of 2010 to now, it's $375 I'll never see again but it's still a small amount compared to what some people have lost in recent years.

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$500 2 Year Gym membership. Fell off the horse after I got tired of lifting weights, and I do my other exercises at home. It also got really crowded quite often because while it's a small gym they definitely have the nicest equipment I've seen.

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10 years of purchasing video games and consoles. I felt like a tool just wasting my time playing virtual characters.

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Buying new copies of games (too many, that is).

I play nowhere near as much anymore, so unless it's something I kind of want, I'll often just wait for a big price drop (if I'm even still interested in the game at that point).

I've learned my lesson though.

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a bunch of silly graphic T's I bought in my early twenties. My wardrobe is like a rainbow.

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About half of my current wardrobe, I'm trying to start over by selling it on Ebay.

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A nike RPM back pack, it's a sick back pack (black with teal)

But I should be saving for my college class.

And my gym membership only cost me 100$ for a whole year! And has everything you need!

Anyway, frontline fuel of war, or I think it's called that.

An winter hat that turned out to be flimsey and crushes your head

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I bought Toy Story shaped chicken nuggets a few months ago. The box was like $5. I did so because growing up, nuggets shaped like stuff were the things of dreams. Tasted like crap, overcooked all the way through just with the normal, recommended cooking time. I bought 3 boxes of them :( So I'm going to cook the rest, shake off the breading and feed them to the dogs.

But I think my first-ever case of buyer's remorse was answering a newspaper ad for a Tycoon game when I was pretty young. I don't know WHY I wanted this. I went to this dingy apartment and the place was such a nasty mess and reeked so bad and there was dog crap all over. The guy selling it was a real life world-of-warcraft-guy from South Park. That game was so lame and I just begged my mom to buy it so we could leave. I think it was $7.

Don't think I've had much buyer's remorse for things besides that. I don't buy a lot of stuff anyway and when I do it's usually really cheap so that I won't feel bad if it sucks.

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My college text books. Not that I bought them, but that I didn't sold them. They are science text that will become obsolete pretty quickly yet I can't let them go.

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@Master_Live said:

My college text books. Not that I bought them, but that I didn't sell them. They are science text that will become obsolete pretty quickly yet I can't let them go.

Yeah same problem, I dropped my study after the year and didnt have time to sell the books and didn't really want to either. Yet now I'm stuck with a small fortune that cant be resold because the new version of the book will be required for the next year students

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That dodgy kebab.

Ended up on the toilet every hour for a week...

Second worst week ever.

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$80 for a leather jacket that I rarely ever wear.

Final Fantasy XIII

Resident Evil 6 (though I really enjoyed Leon's campaign)

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Xbox one and Ryse, crap gore blood fest game and I don't know what to do with that thing anymore its back in the box hell even the WII U is a lot funner. tried to sell it at $520 and no one is shouting back and I even discounted the tax when I bought that system :(

probably learned a lesson not to buy a console on launch day

oh and that $50 dress and $349 sneaker, I kinda wreck both it after a day of crazy adventure

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Rome total war 2: Bought it on launch day, 55 euro down the drain.

My Xbox 360: I'm a PC gamer and other than playing FIFA with friends I never used the thing.

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78$ - Medal Of Honor Warfighters

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Windows 8.1: Because when I got the black screen of death a second time, it was permanent and I had to go back to Windows 7 as a result and the Windows 7 discs I used were made from a pre-installed version of Windows 7, so it had less recovery type options on the disc compared to a retail version; so I ended up getting Linux erased also as a result, even though the Windows 7 recover discs were only supposed to erase the C drive; I was not willing to install Linux again, so that was the end of that. Plus I had unsolved wifi issues on every form of Linux I have ever used, so I was screwed anyways. Now I am stuck with a slower operating system again and it does not help that I have very bad computer specs and Windows 8.1 slightly helped that until I would be looking to get a better computer.

PlayStation 3: I lost most of my money from the PlayStation 3 due to PlayStation Home alone, despite having bad experience after bad experience, I continued to keep coming back and I kept wasting money on PlayStation Home, hoping things would be better for me each time; only it never happened. I was into collecting and playing Japanese versions of video games for the PlayStation 3 specifically as I was interested in the Japanese language itself and I had my other reasons for wanting to do this, but it was costly and I was not prepared to do something like this money wise or language wise, so the whole plan blew up in my face and I had lost too much money by the time I gave up on import gaming; I was just interested in collecting the games until I was knowledgeable enough in Japanese, but I got too ahead of myself and did not properly plan things out, so as a result my PlayStation 3 became a paper weight and I ultimately got rid of it.

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The original X-box.

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a premium memebership for some file sharing thing(rapidstone i think it was). so i could download some porn without having to wait an hour per vid, then having to wait 2 more hours before you can download again

usually pretty much every filesharing thingy like that, you buy the membership, and you get the quick downloads and can download multiple ones.

but no, not this one. all i got was the timer(30 seconds before the link becomes available) taken off. so i could instantly download the video, but still had the hour wait and such.

fuckin waste of money. luckily it wasnt too much money

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Victory red 2010 camaro ss. The paint was so cheap that simply drying it with a microfiber cloth produced permanent swirl marks. Spent nearly 10 grand fixing scuff marks and scratches, until I finally had enough and sold it. Luckily the car held it's resell value and I only lost around 5 grand, plus the trips to the body shop.

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None.. but using credit cards that I can't pay. I'm so mad fell for it.

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PS 1

PS 2

PS 3

PS 4---Won't make the same mistake.

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Lets see :

Bought below listed games for trying different genre from my regular favourite action or rpg games and regret buying as i'm not into those genres -

Final Fantasy XIII ( i fvcking hate final fantasy battle system )

Sly Cooper HD Trilogy ( I fucking hate platformers )

Gran Turismo 5 ( i fucking hate racing sims )

Mortal Kombat ( i fucking hate fighting games )

I'm not buying any FF or platformers or racing sims or fighting games ever again =P

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A ticket to the Oliver Stone film "W." Yep. Horrendous.

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Gamespot paid membership. :/