The Mess we call Copyright (Day One: Garry's Incident)

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Now for those of you who want to hear this from the man himself before I start, here's a link:

I don't want to go off on a massive rant here but I felt it necessary to get the word out and urge you not to buy the game 'Day One: Garry's Incident'. Recently, Totalbiscuit (A big youtuber who's JOB is to give first impressions of games and critique them) had his video criticising this game for how crap it is taken down for copyright laws for monetisation of the video, when he had made it clear that he would make money off the video. Like I said it's best you just watch the above video because it is a very important thing!

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If you have a problem with the video being taken down you should be boycotting Youtube.

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@thegerg: That's not the point of this post at all. The point is to get out the word that issues like this exist. Did you even bother to watch the video?

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@DamnILoveGames: "urge you not to buy the game"

If you're going to urge someone to do something about this, urge them to boycott Youtube.

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OT isn't the place to discuss gaming topics. Sorry, but we're gonna have to button this up.