the essence of heroism...

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"the essence of heroism is to do so that others may live". What do you guys think about that quote? Also can any of you guess (or do you actually know) where that quote is from?

Anyways, I think the quote has a point, but does the hero really have to die. Maybe it doesn't only mean physical death, but maybe dying to oneself (kind of like the parable about the grain of wheat falling to the ground). After all in many stories the hero doesn't really die, but in some ways he dies to his old self: for instance Frodo survives, but he no longer feels at home in his home (he says something to the effect of "I have saved the Shire, but not for myself. Sometimes it must be this way, sometimes in order to save something one must give it up"), Spider-man isn't killed in the movies, but he makes the decision in the second Raimi film to continue being Spider-man even though he thinks that means sacrificing any chance of a relationship with Mary Jane (to quote Aunt May: "sometimes to do what's right we have to be steady, even if that means given up the things we want most, even our dreams").

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I think someone is watching Arrow....

Great show btw,really picked up with season 2

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I thought it was from Conan but well...

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it's all about perspective...

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That sounds awfully like that pararescue stuff......

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@ShepardCommandr said:

I think someone is watching Arrow....

Great show btw,really picked up with season 2

Indeed. Season 1 was pretty good, but I started liking it more towards the end (particularly from the episode "Odyssey" on). For a while during the first season I think it was kind of eclipsed in my attention by Last Resort and then by Vikings. Now this year I think Arrow is eclipsing Vikings (the fact that the gap between Vikings seasons is May to March where the show is not on tv, while Arrow's season ends in May and a new season starts up in October doesn't really help Vikings out). Season 2 of Arrow's been quite cool, particularly from the 7th episode on, it's cool in that there's the advertised thing for each episode that hooks you, but then at the end of the episode when you think the ep's about to settle down something unexpected happens (e.g. the episode State V. Queen: they advertised that Count Vertigo would come back, then at the end... you know who also comes back).

Kind of ironic though that the "essence of heroism" quote originated with Ivo and he wasn't "dying so that others would live" he was exposing a guy to radiation in order to give him cancer so that he could see if mirakuru could cure cancer (I think that must be what his wife was sick with and the doctors couldn't cure her). It seems that most of the "major" villains in Arrow went bad because of someone they loved: Merlyn because his wife died, Ivo to find a cure for his wife, Slade because of Shado, Isabel because Robert stopped having the affair with her when Thea fell off the horse (imagine if Thea hadn't fallen off the damn horse, maybe Robert would've left with Isabel and never got on the boat, then Ollie would still be a fratboy, Fyers would've shot down the plane, the undertaking would've succeeded, and Ivo might've got the mirakuru. The whole show would've been so much different, all cause of a damn horse!).

First person to post (after me of course), and you knew the answer, I was expecting it to take longer. Just a curiosity, did you decide to view my topic because you saw the title and figured that it would be about that Ivo quote?

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I thought it was from Conan but well...

Nope. But this is: "the tree of woe".