The End of the World is upon us (tomorrow).

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So, this is it.

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wow, and people think I have a drug problem

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Is the world really in such bad shape that people cannot enjoy a god damn thing anymore?

In my office this morning, I had to sit and inadvertently listen to 4 people bitch and moan about how Canada is going to become part of China and we are all going to be working for $2/hr waving a communist flag. Last night I had to listen to a bunch of geezers bitch about the NWO. This type of crap happens far more often than I'd like

Quit counting your silver, put the gun back on the rack, come out of your bunkers, and fucking enjoy life a little bit.

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I guess that College degree won't help me now, will it loco?

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Well, what with Russia and the Ukraine about to pop off here soon, it could lead up to it.

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Well, screw working tonight then

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At least I'll be put out of my misery.

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This is about as accurate as those religious people who say there will be a rapture soon when they been saying that for years.

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I'll check back tomorrow...

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the economy is gonna collapse but it wont be happening tommorrow

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Yeah... no.

Just keep making investments off the legal marijuana business and turn that $1,000 into $20,000. I'm surprised so many Americans don't keep up with the stock market like rich people do.

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Yay new doomsday date. Been a while since we had one after 2012 flopped.

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Yay new doomsday date. Been a while since we had one after 2012 flopped.

It was postponed of course.