The dreaded Ice-Bucket Challenge (for ALS awareness)

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This thing has spread like wildfire. I've been a part of a similiar challenge where I live, only that time we had to plunge in any outside body of water in March/April (it's really cold here at that time).

Now, I know many here are fed up with the trend or angry at the shift in focus. I am only wondering about the rules since I fear I will get nominated...

1: Can I nominate whomever I wish, or do they have to be close friends?

-I've seen someone nominate Kevin van ord here before, but he never responded. Does this mean that I can nominate GameSpot-staff, like Danny O'Dwyer, Mary Kish, and Chris "Ice-Cold" Watter(s) ?

2: I am aware that If I were to nominate Tom Cruise or Ryan Giggs they could easily avoid my challenge by stating that "I'm a nobody and since I don't know 'em the challenge is invalid" -- this might be a "bad sport", but a valid point.

3.: Nominating close friends might be fun, because they would be more prone to do the challenge when it comes from a close friend...or?

What are your thoughts?

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Supposedly you can challenge whomever you want, but obviously that doesn't force them to accept it, therefore close friends might be more inclined to accept...although, it it were me, I would nominate people I think would actually donate (most likely I would just talk to them about ALS and ask them to donate, without the challenge, but still)...nominating people just to see them drenched is kind of pointless.

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...did this...did this really warrant a whole thread? Quick answer - NO.

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Ice bucket challenge...

Now we know what will start the world war 3.

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Most of ppl don't even know why the hell they're doing it ! they just see it as a "challenge"'d be great if there was actual donations ....i mean it's good for fun but a purpose behind it can be perfect, they're missing the point and that's frustrating.

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@mjorh said:'d be great if there was actual donations ... can not be serious.

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I believe people are donating. If they don't take "the bucket", then they "must" donate.

It's true that many that accept the challenge totally forget to tell (in their video) about the cause, and this I agree with. If posting a video and a challenge, one better be quite sure the point of ALS awareness and the true message behind the whole challenge, comes across and is in focus.

So if I nominate @korvus and @SaintLeonidas (just bare with me...none of this is acutally happening...yet): what would you do?

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Whole thing is rather simple.

1) You get challenged/nominated (yes, you have to be nominated first, you can't just do it)

2) You have 24 hours to dump ice water on your head and record/post a video of it.

- If you dump water on your head within 24 hours you technically don't have to donate (although most people instead go by the rule that if you do it you only have to donate $10).

- If you don't dump water on you head within 24 hours, or you refuse to do so, you "have" to donate $100 (but there is no obligation to do so, especially if nominated by someone you do not know).

3) You then challenge/nominated three others to do it.

- You CAN technically nominated anyone...but that doesn't mean they will or have to do it. I could get challenged and nominated the Dalai Lama; but he would never know about it - and even if he somehow did find out, he would rightly ignore it because he has no idea who I am. This is a friendly challenge, and the point of nominating three others is to spread the word and get as many people to donate as possible. Using a nomination on someone who has already done it, or will rightly ignore your challenge (i.e. Tom Cruise), is a total waste.

And YES, people ARE donating, it was announced yesterday that so far this whole thing has raise $80 MILLION in one month (compared to an average of $2 million in previous years).

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@_Judas_: I think Leonidas explained it well enough =)

As for nominating me, if you chose to do so I'd have to tell you what I tell other people here in similar situations; I will not post photos, videos, or personal information of myself or anyone in my family (excluding unimportant things like age, nationality, etc) in these forums but in this specific case I would also tell you that when I moved to the Netherlands 2 years ago there was already a massive awareness campaign (in the form of outdoor posters etc) in place regarding ALS (that continues to this day), which made me want to inform myself about the illness. At the time I was unemployed so I couldn't help much, but eventually (when I was able) I ended up donating for it.

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@SaintLeonidas: thank you! That was very well said/written. Now I know :D

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- done mine the other day, it nearly killed me haha.

The water was obviously full of ice, but we also put it in the industrial freezer for a few hours, then smash the slush up it probed at -18 degrees.

We put it in big freezer because I didn't think there was enough ice, when I felt how cold it was before doing the challenge I was cacking myself haha.

Donated £10 to ALS, and left infor in the description

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@thehig1: That was quite entertaining. Nice accent as well =P

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@thehig1: the scouse is strong with this one :p nice video! By the way; what team-jersey is that?

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@_Judas_: valletta FC from Malta, I got it when I went on holiday to Malta and watched them play pieta hotspurs.

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I'll just say this because it needs to be said, if someone is going to do this stupid challenge then I wanna see the ice, I see to many videos where people don't do it with ice, it's called the ice bucket challenge for a reason, no pussying out with luke warm water, it's a disgrace to those with ALS to half ass this.

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I heard this was a satanic ritual in disguise for a way to purify people before the great human sacrifice and they're using a pharmaceutical company named ISIS to develop the drug.