the clip that will change your life (not vegan)

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open ur mind

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(not vegan)yomanjdf
Made me lol for some reason
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Watched clip Life not changed Heartless bastard am I
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[QUOTE="yomanjdf"](not vegan)themajormayor
Made me lol for some reason

Me too. It may be the alcohol though.
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Bacon-wrapped steaks changed my life.
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What does not being vegan have to do with this video? And funny enough, I saw this video a few minutes ago on Facebook. I think that any decent human being would engage in several of those behaviors already...except Laihendi. Actually, I would be interested to see what Lai's reaction is to this video, considering he's essentially the most selfish person I've ever encountered. 

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You really need a sticky
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only if real life was like that...

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In real life, gangstas shoot the kid with the dreadlocks. 

To be honest, I'm usually that one guy who does something nice for strangers, but I'd be an absolute imbecile if I actually believed that I'm "changing the world" or some crap like that. Authority, laws and punishment are what make society moderately functional. Be that one nice guy, but only because you want to, not because you think it's going to change anything. That delusion will bring nothing but fustration and will eventually turn you into a full blown cynic. 



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I saw like ten seconds and closed it.
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I was hoping the clip would end with the bullies dad beating him until some cop comes and helps him out or something. That video was just lame, obviously i'll hold the door open for someone or help them pick something up, not because i want to force them to do something but because i'm not a dick.
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Not really revolutionary whatsoever to me, that's just the way I do things. There is never harm in helping another person out, even in the smallest way.

What does not being vegan have to do with this video?

I think the disclaimer was made because people like to post videos about animals dying in some sick horrid way to make other people want to be vegans.
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please guys
think before having kids