The Amazing Spiderman 2

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Our favourite web slinging superhero is back! 'The Amazing Spiderman 2' hit theatres on the 16th of April and the series is back with a bang, or should I say a shock? The latest instalment sees your friendly neighbourhood Spiderman face off against two of his comic book counterparts, the most impressive of which being Electro, and the other being a short appearance from the Green Goblin. With stunning visuals and a killer soundtrack is this sequel of equal quality to it's predecessor?

Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone's performances are pretty standard and what you'd expect of a sequel; Garfield is the same cocky, do-gooder web head as he was in 'The Amazing Spiderman' with no real character progression until the final few scenes of the flick and the same, if not less, can be said of Emma Stone's character: Gwen Stacey. As with most movies the most interesting character is the new rival hell bent on destroying our beloved Spiderman. Jamie Foxx plays Max Dillon; a Spiderman obsessed scientist/electrician who's an honest, hard working employee at Oscorp. However it isn't long until this kind hearted, motivated individual experiences a near fatal accident which turns him into the fearful and seemingly omnipotent Electro. Dillon transforms from a person scared half to death and confused by his new found powers to a powerful villain hell bent on showing Spiderman, the superhero he once loved, the error of his selfish ways. Foxx really does capture this change perfectly and this, in combination with the superb writing, makes for, in my opinion, one of the best villain performances in recent film.

Despite Foxx's stellar performance there is something else that really sets this movie apart from other superhero flicks and that's the special effects and soundtrack. It's a certainty to say that you will be blown away by the amazing work put in by the respective teams. Whether it's Electro's pulsing electric blue veins or the falling cogs of a clock tower the effects of this movie are out of this world, the most memorable being when Electro materializes out of thin air, the electricity coursing around his bones and muscle fibres is truly fantastic! As for the sound track it's strange at first, you realise that, apart from manipulating electricity, Electro has the power to summon dubstep and power chords whenever he enters a room. But this works. Magnificently so in fact. The electro music (no pun intended) complements the fights and manoeuvres perfectly, creating a truly gripping experience that has you on the edge of your seat as you're shaken to the bone by the bass. It's hard to imagine a movie topping the special effects and sound track combination of 'The Amazing Spiderman 2' as it is really what sets this flick apart from anything else currently on the big screen.

'The Amazing Spiderman 2' is a movie for all to enjoy, the acting quality is of an expected quality for a superhero movie and the special effects are truly captivating! Definitely go and see our favourite web slinging superhero on the silver screen and you will see why the Spiderman movies are so amazing.

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The reboot is terrible and should never have been made. If we stop paying to watch trash maybe Hollywood will stop re-hashing franchises and producing trash.

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The 2002 movie is the only good one.

I'll go further and say these comic book/superhero movies are awful.

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Man, we need to keep all the Amazing SP related stuff in one thread.

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I like the cut of your jib, master live

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I love sam raimi spiderman movies.