Tales From The Crypt

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Well hello kiddys,

How has this show been forgotten? YouTube has all the episodes with only like 10,000 views. Many famous actors either had cameos or directed episodes. This would be an amazing show to bring back and have relevant actors direct and act in the show once again.

Anyone miss this show as much as I do?


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Never heard of it.

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I was an "Are You Afraid of the Dark/Goosebumps" kid.

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Oh man, I remember one where a reporter and his/her crew to a house where a murder had occurred and then people start dying (of course). It was pretty scary, really good.

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@Nengo_Flow said:

Never heard of it.

It was a horror anthology series that ran for seven years (1989 - 1996) on HBO, based on the comic book series from the 1950's. It was well known for having pretty extensive graphic violence and nudity, as well as having famous talent both acting and behind the camera. They aired them in syndication, on Fox and Sci-fi, although in heavily edited forms. They did release all seven seasons on DVD. I got all of them in storage somewhere.

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I actually liked that show a lot. Watched it back in the day on Fox, and then recently started watching the unedited versions about a year ago before quitting.

I should probably watch the rest of the series.

Like you said, it had some good violence and nudity, and it was always cool to see what talent would be starring or directing in an episode. My only complaint is that the show was almost never SCARY. There actually were some interesting stories (though I'd still wager that most of them were just sort-of-fun teenage garbage), but for a "horror anthology", there was a SHOCKING lack of anything actually scary.

Also, the Cryptkeeper is sort of funny if you see him twice a month. But go through a Tales From the Crypt marathon where you watch 20 episodes in the course of three days, and you'll be wanting to stab that dude in the face every time he opens his goddamn mouth.

But yeah...it was a cool show. I'm not gonna quite go so far as to say that it was quality entertainment, but it was usually mostly fun even if only in a dumb juvenile way. I like it.

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The were fun to watch. Would always watch them during Halloween as a tradition.

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I enjoyed Goosebumps more.

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We never got that show over here.

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I watched them a lot when I was little. I even got a Crypt Keeper action figure. Recently I got the first 2 seasons on DVD and some of the old comics from my LCS. That Crypt Keeper sure was a character.

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I prefer Creepshow.

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Watched a few episodes this past Halloween for the first time in years. Fun, not scary, just ridiculous in the best sort of way....well some episodes at least.

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Tales From The Crypt......back when HBO was worth paying the subscription fee in order to watch.

To me it was the adult version of Tales From The Darkside meets The Twilight Zone. The storylines were good as were the actors.

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I actually submitted a story idea for an episode. HBO sent me a letter thanking me for my efforts but that they didn't accept unsolicited manuscripts.

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Hbo seems to be worth the fee still I feel yes mhm yeah

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Like every episode is on YouTube. I watch episodes from time to time.

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That show was awesome.

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I'd love to see its return! Loved the show/movies!