system wars - how legitimate are they???

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Of course they're legitimate...there's even a forum section for them!

But seriously, I think they're pointless, like what you like and move on. Also, I love TED; they always have the most interesting subjects.

EDIT: (Not related to system wars so feel free to disregard) Took the time to watch the video, and once again "TED" didn't disappoint. Lately I've been reading about "willing yourself to be happy" and I agree that most of it is perspective and self-convincing.

Whenever I feel sad, scared for the future, or feel like giving up I give myself a pep talk. I think about my childhood that was mostly spent in hospitals due to my severe asthma that would prevent me even from laughing, I think of my abusive parents and later how a bad career choice made me completely miserable.

Now I have a job I love, live in a great place, I'm able to run after the bus because my asthma is gone...I'm getting married! And, just like that, in 30 seconds my day goes from sh*tty to perfect, mostly because I convinced myself that it will have that effect. Just like another of TED's videos about stress being good for you if you believe it will. Your brain can do pretty much whatever you want it to do, if you can control it well enough.

Is it this new amazing superpower I discovered, or is it just self-delusion? I don't really care as long as it makes me happy. Just like me believing my fiancé is the most wonderful woman in the planet. How can I say that when I don't know every single woman alive today? Doesn't matter, it's true because I want it to be and that's a big part of me loving my life now =)

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what i've come to understand is being happy is truly a state of mind, which you can choose to have, i do not view it as a delusion since we truly do not need that much to be happy with...

that's why i, too, feel that system wars is just people trying to feel happy about their choices, may their selection be right or wrong (which again depends on a point of perspective and since there are infinite, everybody has the same potential to be happy or unhappy, it is just a preference)... :)

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I always think that a lot of people in SW go to the extremes they do in search for validation. "I'm happy with my choice, but what if I'm wrong? Then I can't be happy" so they defend their choice tooth and nail (and sometimes in ways that have nothing to do with what they're trying to defend), they insult the people who stand against them, because "if someone is an idiot than his/her opinion will not invalidate mine," and will pat any supporters on the back for giving them the validation they were searching for.