String cheese - how do you eat it?

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#1 Posted by slamminjammin69 (1599 posts) -

Just wondering how you guys eat a stick of string cheese. Do you nibble on it. chew on it, or just chomp on it?

#2 Posted by seahorse123 (1228 posts) -
You eat it like a banana.
#3 Posted by rilpas (8222 posts) -
never ate it
#4 Posted by comp_atkins (31339 posts) -

like you're supposed to. peel little strips off along the edges until it's all gone.

#5 Posted by TonyDanzaFan (2973 posts) -
waggle it in your face
#6 Posted by Pirate700 (46465 posts) -

I haven't had it in like 15 years but I always pulled (stung?) it.