Singing a song while being sexually stimulated (VIDEO)

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That's what these ladies attempt to do in this music video.

Do you think you could do this? Do you think this sort of thing will take off? I sure hope so.

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I came hoping for a porn clip for my amuzmament =P

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"This is kinda disgusting"

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@indzman said:

I came


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I'm already singing/humming this in my head. :D

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Why do you think rappers grab their junk

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What waste of time.You know I could've done far better things with those 2 mins and 40 secs.

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This though gave me a chuckle , made it somewhat worthwhile.

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They aren't even hot...

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Yeah, boring.

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So many questions...but I think the main ones have to be "wtf?" and "why?"

@deeliman: This is all your fault! >_<