Sig/Avy/Banner/Rate, Request & Discussion Thread--New and Not-So-Improved!

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#151 Posted by GazaAli (22491 posts) -

@OmitName said:

Damn I totally forgot about my request since it took people a lot of time to respond. Thanks a bunch mate much appreciated :D

#152 Posted by OmitName (717 posts) -

@PhazonBlazer: i happened to encounter some derpy dbz imagery. just in case you were looking for something new to replace your christmas goku. that is indeed where that incarnation of him would put that hat, however, what is derpy goku with his derp covered?

I beat the WaW campaign on veteran, I can confirm this.

this was among the images, labeled "yearbook photo of the year."

perhaps you might prefer this one.

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Hello there everyone, nice pictures ^^

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hey is my sig good? i think its FRIGGIN SICK pardon my language lol but i need feedback!

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@mondo-zapwell: it holds up well in the company of the other signatures here.

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Is there still anyone around here who's willing to make me a new sig?

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This thread died, didn't it? Oh those long summer evenings spent smudging Jessica's... hair. Where have you gone?