Side, Back, or Stomach?

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Got the idea from slimjimbadboy in the "is your bed hard or soft?" thread

when you sleep do you sleep on your side, back or stomach?


Cant even get comfy on my stomach.

Can get comfy on my back, but for some reason i cant fall asleep. only exception is if i had woke up in the middle of the night and am still treally tired, then i can fall asleep while on my back.

i sleep on my side pretty much all the time. i just find it comfy and can get to sleep quite well. usually have one leg bent to support myself so i dont cramp my arm.

not sure why, but ive almost always fallen asleep on the side that my door is on. so most nights i fall asleep on my right side.

How about you OT, how do you normally fall asleep?

Here is a MSPaint of how i normally sleep. either on my left or my right side.
[spoiler] sleep.png [/spoiler]

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Back or stomach.......................

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Stomach, but I don't like it. I would prefer to sleep on my back or side, but I can't sleep unless I'm laying on my stomach.
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All four at the same time...

Well, whichever is the most comfy at the time, which is often my stomach or my left side. But sometimes my back or my right side is more comfy.

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I fall asleep on my side, but wake up on my back.
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Either on my side or on my stomach. Preferably on my stomach. I try to avoid sleeping on my back whenever I can, to prevent Sleep Paralysis.
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None of those really. Kinda between side and stomach. My arms and legs are in front of me so I don't sleep flat on my stomach
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start sleep = back ended up = stomach
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Usually back or side.
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Most times side. Very rarely back.

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Side, for the most part (either side, really. Just depends what I feel like at the time). Usually with my face buried in a pillow.

For some reason I prefer to have my face covered up.

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On my side. I can't get comfortable on my back or stomach

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Sleep on my stomach
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How am I  the only one that sleeps on my back?

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sometimes I start off sleeping on my stomach, and every time I've done that I've woken up on my side. 

I never sleep on my back though. 

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I've been sleeping on my back for the past 2 years or so. I just don't like the feeling of my bones getting squished together when on the side.

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Side for sure.
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Back mostly, sometimes stomach, never side.

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Side of course.
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Side or stomach. I usually sleep on my side but I can never sleep on my back.
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I can only fall asleep when I'm on my stomach, I love laying on my stomach.

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I usually sleep on my side, even though my arm underneath my side is oddly placed because my shoulders are too wide. But for some reason, when I nap, on my stomach is the best napping position.
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Side. I find lying on my back/stomach to be uncomfortable.

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Side for sure. Rattlesnake_8
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Side or stomach, can't fall asleep on my back. Now I've waken up on my back tho.
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I am a fan of the faceplant sleeping position
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I try to fall asleep on my back, but I will lay there a half hour unable to do so and eventually give into my side and fall asleep shortly thereafter.