Should we allow games discussion in OT (briefly)?

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#1 Posted by 4myAmuzumament (1750 posts) -

OT is dying.

There needs to be an influx of new gamespotters that come into OT and they have to have a reason to come back.

so what if we allowed some games discussion here for like a month or two? with the new consoles out, maybe there would be more people wandering to OT after they finish up on the console forums.

or what if general games discussion and OT were combined?

idk, but there needs to be a big change and it has to come from above because the last of us won't be able to hold it up much longer.

post and discuss your ideas on how the staff can help liven this place up.

#2 Posted by indzman (18933 posts) -

I think there should be a games discussion thread sticky on OT where OT gamers can freely discuss games , just as WAYLT n Roll Coll but i guess mods won't allow it as there is already a lounge on SW.

On games discussion , Februray looking sweet for Thief and Castlevania : Lords of Shadow 2 release mmm.

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Yes. And nudity

#4 Posted by indzman (18933 posts) -

@themajormayor said:

Yes. And nudity