Should hard working illegal Immigrants be allowed to stay?

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[QUOTE="Socialist696"][QUOTE="bnarmz"] The comment was about who built this country, It wasn't just Europeans. And, I agree with much of your stance concerning todays immigration issues. bnarmz
Depends on what part of original America we're talking about and the time period. True, all 3 - Natives, Europeans, and Asians had a helping hand in building the country. Through slavery (I label that under European because they bought the slaves against their will), through forced labor, through the railroads during the west (chinamen and irish), but in the end its all the building up of America. Today theres a vast variety of economic and control issues from immigration due to the sheer number of people. It hurts more than it would help productivity and progression of the country. Some states support it though, like California and Washington. Washington almost blatantly flaunts their support for it.

agree. It is an issue, but one that needs to be dealt with delicately.

The thing is delicacy is often misinterpreted and exploited. Whilst swift and harsh means brings about results, but resent and humanitarian issues. I'm sure D.C will do just fine managing this, theres alot they know that we don't I'm sure its in good hands thats what they're for :P
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No,why does anyone think about all the hard working LEGAL immigrants that are waiting in line,they don't get welfare or free driving licenses.

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If they pay taxes, i dont really see what the issue is.

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half of illegal immigrants in the United States enter legally, they just end up overstaying their visas