Sheep not shorn in 6 years

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Ok so this topic is a tad pointless, but I am sort of mesmerized by this sheep. Seriously look at that guy, how the heck did it not die of heat stroke at some point? Also I hope he gets trimmed soon, I can only imagine how happy that sheep would act afterwords. I really want a video of that tbh.

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That's gotta smell pretty bad

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Learn something new every day. In this case that shorn is actually a word...

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rockstar of the sheep

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Looks like the big blocky animals you would find in games.

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And now I finally understand why the sheep in Wallace and Gromit is called Shaun.

That sheep looks brilliant though.

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The wool looked fuckin' pristine under the surface.

I can only imagine how heavy whole thing would be after sufficient rain.

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Sheep are interesting animals.



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@lostrib said:

That's gotta smell pretty bad

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Sean the sheep has been shaved! Fifty-two pounds of fleece which is amazing, but unfortunately 60 pounds is the record. Also I was hoping he would love getting that wool coat off, but he didn't seem to be overly happy. Be happy dammitt!

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This is how nature intended the sheep to look. And he's looking fine

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That is awesome. Surprised that sheep can move as well as it can with all that wool.

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Makes you wonder how much wool production was sped up by domestication. That would be a killer heat blanket in the summer.