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Have you ever seen Ghosts in real life ?

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I used to when I was a kid...

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not ghosts, not for sure. i have seen unexplainable stuff though. regards to restless spirits cant say that ive ever experienced anything at all. perhaps that is only because i always give that sort a wide birth.

the only maybe something iffy ghost thing that i can say ive been through is; very late at night / very early my speakers screeched with feedback, the screen clicked and went wonky, something like the way it might when you push the degauss button, and i heard what sounded like very fast shuffling all the way across the carpet in the next room. like someone with house shoes, determined not to pick up their feet, was trying to clear the length of the room in just a few seconds. this all happened at once very suddenly. curious as i am, i rushed to see. no one there, everyone else was in their place. the speakers and monitor never acted in that manner before or since. i dismissed it as some unknown energy phenomenon. the speakers and screen were among the only things on at that time, and were, of course, susceptible to feedback. perhaps the shuffling sound was just static crackling along the newer carpet in the next room. i didnt feel anything though. if it were some form of electricity flare of that significance, i would think i would have noticed something. that static feeling in freshly dried fabric, or the dense air you feel when your around something using too much electricity. it was weird.

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No, but I sincerely hope that ghosts are real. I know a lot of people are afraid of them and hope that they do not exist, but if we found hard proof that they existed then we'd know for sure that there is some sort of soul and that we live on after death. I'm open to the possibility, but I hardly expect it.

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Yes, a couple of times, maybe more. Also an old house at the back of the village I live in here in Scotland is very much haunted

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I've had a lot of unexplainable things happen, and there's just a way you can tell something isn't right. But I haven't seen them.

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Has there been a glitch in the Matrix again?

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I used to,but I can't explain how it looks like. The last time I had this kind of unexplainability was a trip up to a volcano,it was dark,and lots of trees along the way. People believe there was a ghost sitting on a tree,I was anxious at that moment.

now I became aware of a nearby haunted house just a short walk away,it was my grandfather's house..shorter than my old house,shrubs growing like a jungle,floodwater-soaked,and abandoned since 2002,no one was allowed to come inside,because of the vintage objects there were possessed by Dutch colonists' spirits.there's just way too much to search for when it comes to supernatural stuffs.