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Hello everyone,

So this past Saturday I had to have my dog put down. It was such a fucking shitty weekend. Came out of nowhere and really caught me off guard. She had gotten a bacterial infection and didn't really show symptoms until Saturday. Saturday morning she started to show really bad symptoms out of the blue. The previous night she seemed her usual self and had been active all week. So Saturday was pretty bad. By that time the options were limited and the best thing was to let her go. Just wish I could have done more and has caught it sooner. Know I made the right decision but can't help to feel guilty that I wasn't able to do more.

Let's look back on happier memories.

Do you guys have any funny pet stories? Or maybe cute stuff our pets do or have done.

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One time my dog killed like 4 baby rabbits. It tried to catch the mother but my dog was too fat. She brought the babies up to the porch for some reason.

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My current Golden Retriever killed two song birds in our old garden. She also got a baby robin who fell out of its nest.

SORRY TO HEAR ABOUT YOUR DOG. I have lost 4 dogs since the 1980's and it never is fun :(

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My one dog will need to be put down pretty soon. She's 13, keeps hurting her back, and has cancer. She's been doing well for a few months, but just hurt her back again when she slipped outside. She's also lost a lot of weight. I hope she makes it through the end of the year, but I'm not sure if she will. At this point, I've accepted it and know it's inevitable, but it will still suck.

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Sorry to hear that dude.

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I'm sorry to hear that Dave. I too lost my dog but due to complications of old age.

When she was younger, she started running away from the house for some odd reason so I chased her in my pajamas. We ran around the neighborhood too so... that was fun.

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Sorry for your loss Dave :(

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Don't worry,she's up in doggie Heaven. :)

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I had a dog named Motley Muttley (he had a coat of many colors and was a mutt that one day showed up in my yard). He was about 6 months old. He was a great dog and even learned a lot of tricks. My favorite was I would yell "Dead Dog," and he would fall over in a heap with one leg sticking up on the air. I also had a large cat named Klaws. Klaws used to hide and then jump on the dog's back and bit him on the ear.

Even though it's been over 20 years, I still miss them both. I'm sorry about your loss. It will take time to get over. Pets give you unconditional love.

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Sorry man, it always sucks losing a family pet. I've lost a few pets in the past and it is a hard thing to get over.

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Losing a pet is always hard. I still remember my first one almost 30 years ago, a cat named Rambo. (My dad got him around the time First Blood part 2 came out). He made me laugh because sometimes he acted more like a dog than an actual cat--he used to stand on his hind legs whenever anyone sat at the dinner table, waiting for someone to give him food.

My heart goes out to you. It's hard, but try to take comfort knowing she's not in pain anymore.

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I lost my dog in February, it was the hardest thing I've ever faced in my life. You'll get through it, no matter how long it takes

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It must suck man, I'm sorry to hear that. Its weird that the infection's symptoms suddenly showed up out of the blue like that. How long have you had her for?

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RIP dog. I watched my sister's cat die. I don't know if it ate something poisonous or had heart worms. But it was just laying there breathing its last breaths. It was a Sunday so every thing was closed. Everything happened so quick. I was petting him to comfort him then he made one last hiss. I just watched the life disappearing from his eyes. I was sad as hell, that was the first time I witnessed something like that. My niece came in the room and was stronger than me lol. She was also comforting him and even when he was gone already, she asked if he's really gone checking his heart beat and all, just to make sure. I called all sorts of pet places if they can remove the body but everything was closed. It was slightly raining that day too but we gently put his body in a box, put bounty paper towels over him, put a flower inside, and sealed the box. I did not know how to properly bury a pet and did not know that some neighborhoods doesn't allow for pets to get buried at the back yard. But yeah, after making sure he was secured in the box, I had to dig in the hard soil near the corner of the back yard and dug as deep as I could. It was sprinkling, so it just added to the sad atmosphere. After I felt the hole was deep enough, we buried him. One of the sadness moments for me.

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That really sucks. I wish you the best of luck.

I had one dog that had given birth to puppies that had contracted an infection while pregnant, which we unaware of until she gave birth to 2 live and 3 stilborne puppies. This affected her ability to form blood clots, and her stitches popped and she bled out sitting next to me on the way to the vet.

Only one of the two puppies survived, which we now have. Her name is Hershey, her official Legal name is "Lindy's Hershey" after her mom.

I really miss that dog.

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my condolences. :(

i havent lost a pet, so cant begin to say i know what it feels likes.

i got a shih tzu, Anna. shes about 6 six years old. dont even want to think about losing her.

She entertains herself alot though. she will grab one of her toys then ran back and forth around the house. growling at the toy, occasionally dropping it ad barking at it. tis quite funny. i remember this one time we had a santa cookie jar on the counter and she started barking at it. was funny. she also randomly decided to start barking at my bearded dragon one day. was funny. shes a great dog.

then i got another shih tzu. about 5. shes is not so smart, but funny.

staring out the front door. Anna is on the left(she was in heat at the time, so yes she is wearing a diaper). pepper is on the right.

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When I was a kid, our family dog ate a box of my crayons and then made a rainbow colored $hit.

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Aw, sorry to hear. My family had to put our dog down as well, a few years back that is. I know how hard that can be.

Hell, I remember that night as if it were yesterday. Our dog had been having problems throughout the week, and she had just gotten back from an overnight stay with the vet, because she had been puking excessively for the past few days again. My parents went to sleep that night, and I was just sitting in my room watching TV. Then I heard these weird noises out in the living room. After a while I decided to check what it was only to be completely shocked at what I saw. Our dog was laying in the corner of the room, have a huge seizure, and foaming at the mouth while making these awful noises. Ugh, such a messed up sight no one should ever have to see. That moment scarred me, and unfortunately I don't think I'll ever forget it.

Eough sadness though. Our dog was a rottweiler. She was so loveable and friendly to everyone, and she always used to pee on people's shoes out of pure excitement. People were always scared of her though, because she was a rottweiler, but in reality she was just a big weenie. I remember She'd always try to use her paws like hands. Seriously, I don't know if any other dogs have done this, but our dog used to take things like chew toys, balls, etc., hold them in her mouth, lay on her back, and then pick them up out of her mouth and hold them over her head using both of her paws together. There were times where she'd hold them up for a solid minute or so. I just never seen a dog do that before of their own free will. I always thought it was silly. lol

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Sorry about your dog Dave. I know what it is like to have to have a pet put down. What was sad was not being there for our second dog's last days due to me being overseas.

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@GazaAli: had her for a while now. 8 years or so. Just the way some of these infections go it seems.

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Wish I was able to post pics

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Wish I was able to post pics

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Thanks konvikt :)

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Thanks you guys for the well wishes and support