RoboCop (2014): What did you think of it?

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When I became aware of this film, via one of its trailers, I wasn't impressed by what I saw and thought it would be yet another disappointing remake. However, my expectations were surpassed as I watched it for the first time two days ago; it's actually a good movie. For those of you who have seen it, what did you think of it? You can assess my opinions of this film in detail in the following video review:

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Its not bad , but not good or dark as original. But better remake than most , stellar cast , good acting.

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It wasn't as bad as I thought it was gonna be, but I missed the darker tone of the original. That said it still kinda sucked.

I don't want a sequel and will not be buying this on Blu-ray.

EDIT: The original is a fucking classic.

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Not as bad as I thought it would be. Seems like it took the cookie cutter way out instead of being a film you actually had to think about.

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@slateman_basic said:

Not as bad as I thought it would be. Seems like it took the cookie cutter way out instead of being a film you actually had to think about.

I thought it had plenty to think about. However, even if you don't consider that to be the case, you must admit that it had a lot to feel about.

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Didn't happen.

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@uninspiredcup said:

Didn't happen.

What didn't happen?

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It was ok not really bad and not amazing i mean 5.5 to 6/10 kind of score tbh

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Judge dredd was awesome robot futuristic apacylpse have potential

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Watching it somewhere this week. I'll let you know =)

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I haven't seen it yet but I might have too since people have enjoyed it. I wasn't expecting much from it.

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I liked it. I thought that it stayed away from the original far enough while being close enough at the same time. The story had some similarities in it from the original while still throwing new stuff in it. Same with RoboCops design. I wasn't a fan of the black paint, he looked like some kind of cyborg ninja to me. What they did with that was cool though because it wasn't the original color, he was just repainted due to a business decision until they decide to change him back at the end. I also liked that he was able to run, jump and use tactical strategy to take people down instead of just being a walking bullet magnet. I really enjoyed that they made Alex a lot more human in this movie. I did not see him using his emotions to override the program to remove his humanity coming. I thought that was awesome. The human hand thing was a good idea too as lame as it looks. Making it possible for him to still feel things in his hand makes Alex even more human in this movie. How they saved his hand is very interesting to me. The hand had to at least be 90% mechanical but how did they do that without damaging the nerves in his hand? Is it just human flesh on top of a cyborg hand like the Terminator? And how does it not rot and fall off, are there fluids always going in and out of it through tubing to keep it normal? I hope they shine more light on that subject if a sequel is ever pushed out.

All in all, the movie was very good. I thought it was one of the best remakes in this decade, sitting right on top with Evil Dead and Dredd.

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I liked it more than I thought I would, but I still liked the first two Robocop movies better, the third one sucked though.

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I still have to see it but I'll wait until it comes on HBO. The original is a classic.

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New robocop design was cool but overall it was just another movie.

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I've pre ordered this movie on bluray so I can't wait till 9th of June.

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I like a movie that makes me feel something. When they did the big reveal on what was really left of the man, I was truly horrified.

The rest of it was cool, but not, like, heartstoppingly amazing or anything.

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I will enjoy this movie.

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Haven't watched it yet, plan to after re-watching the original.

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I put it on, but got distracted, never turned back to watch it. Not very good.