Ridiculous privacy agreements that you have came across ?

#1 Posted by Hydrolex (1468 posts) -

have you guys came across some weird or interesting privacy agreements on either apps, or social media, websites and etc. ??

I have noticed that a lot of people don't even read terms and agreements, and mostly the privacy agreements

#2 Posted by Master_Live (15116 posts) -

Do you read the privacy agreements?

#3 Posted by Hydrolex (1468 posts) -

I didn't before, but lately I have been reading all the services, apps and websites privacy agreements that I use regularly . I'm gonna read Gamespots now

#4 Posted by Korvus (4716 posts) -

What made you start reading them?

#5 Posted by jasean79 (2375 posts) -

@korvus said:

What made you start reading them?

Boredom, most likely.

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It isn't a bad idea to read them even If it will take a while. What the agreement says could end up being the difference between whether or not you can sue if they do something you don't like.

I limit how many websites I subscribe to and so far I haven't dealt with anything outrageous.