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Rules are simple. Rate the profile avatar of the poster before yours on a scale 1-10.

Judging and rating should be somewhere a long the lines of appeal, relativity, awe factor, humor, or a worthy/unworthy reference. Don't be too personal and biased but be be honest.

Then explain what and why your avatar was worthy of being your profile pic so the next poster has a little fair ground to rate you on.

Be respectful. If you don't like the previous avatar maybe explian why or just state your indifference about the avatar's subject matter. If you like it then let them know why.

My avatar is of Ramza Beoulve from Final Fantasy Tactics. Ramza is one of my favorite protagonists from the Final Fantasy installments. He started out a good-hearted noble with decent intentions but ends up having a robin hood-like mentality, a selfless attitude and altogether a publically unknown hero of the people. Unlike the majority of the Final Fantasy protaganists Ramza, for the most part, never swelled under pressure and has one fitting of an ending for a great game.

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2/5, it looks fine.

Here is mine:

I chose mine because I felt it described OT in general.

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Hmmm looks mysterious ...8/10!

My avatar is crystal clear ....

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2/10... Well it's just the GS logo.

Mine's Corvo, the protagonist of Dishonored. Assasin with supernatural powers out to take revenge on the people that framed him and hurt those he served and loved.

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6/10 Reminds me of my cousin playing KOTOR

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Is that the girl from Giligan's Island? Ginger I think was the name. 9/10 pretty girl.

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@AmazonTreeBoa said:

Is that the girl from Giligan's Island? Ginger I think was the name. 9/10 pretty girl.

Yes she is and her name is Mary-Ann :)

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@AmazonTreeBoa: Creepy avatar. 6/10

@Ackad 8/10 What a babe

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they show her on tv sometimes, she's lookin' old. =P

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no comment

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@Ackad said:

@AmazonTreeBoa said:

Is that the girl from Giligan's Island? Ginger I think was the name. 9/10 pretty girl.

Yes she is and her name is Mary-Ann :)

Yeah that's right, it was Mary-Ann. I don't know how I missed that.

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@AmazonTreeBoa 7/10. Beautifully creepy profile pic.

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Hi everybody!

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@themajormayor said:


Your Avatar is 10/10 Major!

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7.357698165707467599071687428770 /10


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8 7/13 out of 10

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Pie out of 10.

As for me I just randomly googled Link avatar and when I saw this it was love at first sight.

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Nothing special, but because it's Link, it's okay. For my avatar, I Googled "pen" in Google and I liked this one. Very basic.

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@geekinkinc: its just a pen, 7/10

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@lightleggy: 6/10

the sweater the guy is wearing looks similar to skin and all those spots (Mickey Mouse heads?) look like bruises or some sort of disease. I always think this about this particular avatar when i see it.

I chose mine because DK is so boss. It's also a vector image so scaling it is easy-peasy.

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me likes. 8/10

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7/10... I like statues n stuff.

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6/10 it kinda creeps me out.

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9/10 classy.

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Not too sure on what it is, looks like Final Fantasy Tactics, haven't played that in so long, 8/10

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1/10, she was a bitch.

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Not sure what that is 7/10

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not sure what that is 5/10

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@Ratchet_Fan8 said:


2/10 - one of the default Gamespot ones :(

I'd bet money I get downvoted just for having Cloud Strife haha but I love him regardless :D

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@indzman said:

not sure what that is 5/10

It's a dragon.

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@alim298 said:
@indzman said:

not sure what that is 5/10

It's a dragon.

my bad, can't wait for LOS 2. 10/10 XD !!!

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@indzman: Ha ha! thanks man!

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That would appear to be Joel from TLOU (i'm pretty sure i'm right, but I apologize if i'm not). I like the character, like the game.

Buuuuut......it's a little blurry and I just feel like there are probably better pics of Joel out there. Is that a silly criticism? Whatever..... 4/10. I like the thought of the pic, but the actual choice of the pic itself is pretty mediocre.

MY Avatar is of one of the greatest bands ever.... Pink Floyd. specifically, the cover art of the Dark Side of the Moon, also one of the greatest albums/records ever made.

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I chose mine because I like shooting people on my bike with a shotgun in gta v. jk :P I just liked it

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8/10, reminds me of Pink Floyd.