Rate my bulk (185-273 from Aug-May) this is the end

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My days of going to the food center are closing in pretty quickly. No more hamburgers, chicken patty sandwiches, taco beef, chicken nuggets, fish filet, chicken breasts, popcorn chicken, cheese pizza, pancakes, french toast, eggs, and low calorie gatorade grape drink.

Now I am going on a cut where I will hopefully be doing swimming, running uphills since there is one near my house, drinking lots of green tea before I go to bed, taking muscletech hydroxcut and/or l-carniture to burn the fat into energy, and lifting to maintain my strength in general.

video if y'all think I'm frauding.


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Weight doesn't do much for me. What's your deadlift?

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I think you are bulking way too fast. Yes professional body builders will eat like animals to bulk up fast and then cut, but unless you are on the professional circuit (and thus care more about results than, you know....being a healthy human being) I would suggest you slow it down a bit. I can guarantee you that at 275 lbs a vast majority of that is fat, and by vast i mean "a significant amount". When you start cutting (which is gonna be a pain in the ass cause your body is used to having so many calories stuffed into it) I would be surprised if you hit 200lbs at the 5% body fat mark. What I would suggest you do right now, is to start cutting hard. More cardio than weights. Losing all that extra mass should be more of a priority at this point. I find that its a lot easier (and a lot healthier) to start from a slim frame and bulk healthy. It possible to get a calorie surplus without clogging your arteries. And try to make sure that the surplus is just enough to build muscle and no more.

Yes, its practically impossible to bulk without putting on extra fat, but you can severely limit the amount of fat you put on thus limiting the amount of cutting you have to do. It might be slower than the traditional "binge on everything in sight" diet, but its a lot healthier, which i hope is your primary reason for working out in the first place. The only time I would ever do a mass bulk like that is if im trying to cross a weight threshold for some sporting event (i.e. required weight for the rugby team, or advancement from lightweight to middle weight in boxing, or anything else that is extremely urgent). Also good luck on the cutting, its gonna be a bitch :P You probably remember swimming and running uphill wwhen you were less than 200lbs...now that you're 275...its gonna be a lot harder lol. On the plus side, you will burn fat quickly!

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Am I misunderstanding here? Is the first picture what you used to look like? Or what you look like now? I know you said you are bulking, but if the last series of pictures were taken after the first, you went waaaaaay overboard with the bulking. Or are you trolling and the first picture is what you look like now?