Question for users who don't make threads

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#51 Posted by harry_james_pot (10943 posts) -

I'm too lazy to make threads.

#52 Posted by Behardy24 (4640 posts) -

@SolidSnake35 said:

There are enough poor threads already.

Are my threads poor? D:

#53 Posted by Gamerno6666 (1607 posts) -

@elkoldo said:

The bloody trolls will make your thread look stupid.

trolls in OT?

#54 Posted by Gaming-Planet (14022 posts) -

My creativity has gone downhill since my teen years. That, and I hate feeling responsible for a thread.

#55 Posted by Boddicker (2808 posts) -

I've been here over 2 years now and have only made 4-5 threads.

One of which was a hype thread for XCOM: Enemy Within. FWIW I'm truly sorry. How could I have known it was unplayably buggy on consoles, and Firaxis would never release a patch for it (while remaining insultingly silent). I truly hope the PC modding community stepped in to save that turd.

IDK why I don't make more threads. I guess there's a thread on whatever scrap of news I care to comment on already.

#56 Posted by EasyComeEasyGo (585 posts) -

I sometimes wonder if it's the strict rules that's what keeping people from making threads and the Mods are very strick on what belongs here on OT.

I have made threads a few here on OT and I enjoy coming here to discuss whoever makes them but for me, I really don't have anything to say nor what's on my mind. Do you guys like talking about Anime, Star Wars, DC/Marvel and if so, I'm the person to talk and I be cool to make a thread to discuss if you like but bare in mind that I'm really a DC guy and not much into Marvel. Feel free to PM me and I'll set up a thread whatever you like to discuss what I said above.