Policeman Savagely Attacks Wheelchair-bound Man (VIDEO)

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You shouldn't depend on the police to protect you I said...

Police shouldnt be the only ones armed and granted with power I said.

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The cop acted in the heat of the moment... The guy was ordered to remove his jacket, he was doddling/resisting, the cop tried to remove it from him, the man resisted, the cop put his arm behind him so he could pull the jacket away, the man reacted by hitting the cop in the face...

Under normal circumstances of resisting arrest like this the cop would grapple the man to the ground, usually by kicking his legs out from under him and restraining him... This man was seated and in a wheelchair... The officer had just been assaulted and responded at the only target on the man he could see and use force against, his head... You notice how after he comes to his senses he pulls the chair backward to get the man out, flips him over, and restrains him...

Did the officer use reasonable force initially? No. Did he use reasonable force afterward? Yes. Could this have all been avoided if the man had simply followed directions and removed his coat and/or not assaulted the police officer? Yes.

Here is the full video: LINK

Just listen to the guy he was being uncooperative and threatening the whole time...

Woman: "I need your jacket."

Man: "My jacket? You can have the son of a b-tch."

Man: "You wan't me to throw it at you!"

*Cop intervenes**Man hits cop in the face*

Not exactly... The man was saying he'd just leave the jacket there, yet the cop continues to twist his arm and cause him pain. He wasn't threatening anyone.. Woman " I need your jacket" Man: "My jacket?" Woman: "Yes, i need your jacket" Man: "Fine then, you can have the son of a b*tch" *Man starts to take off jacket* Man: "You want me to throw it at you?" Woman: "Throw it at me, see what happens" *Cop comes from behind him, grabs jacket and tries to take it from the man, man resists" Man: "I'll just leave it here, I'll leave my jacket here" *Cop twists man's arm, bending elbow behind head* Man: "Hey, just cause you have the gloves..." *Cop twists his arm further, causing the man to writhe in pain. Man strikes Cop, followed by the cop punching the man several times in the face, and throwing him to the ground.* The officer was clearly power-hungry
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[QUOTE="Nibroc420"][QUOTE="mattisgod01"] The man's arm was not bent to extremes, He was holding his arm away, Nothing more. mattisgod01

i lol'd

Did you laugh before or after you figured out human anatomy?

I noticed that as well, I can bend my arm in that position no problem.
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Maybe it's because he was fu*king creeping him out rolling around all day in his special little secret chair and he knew he was up to something.

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Eh bit excessive but what kind of moron assaults a cop?
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That was definately uncalled for and excessive, but not something to lynch the guy over. He lost his s***, plain and simple. He should be reprimanded and put into anger managment/counseling. Cops are human too, they lose their cool. The guy in the wheel chair though is not blameless and him being a cripple shouldn't make any difference in the officers punishment.

... When some one loses their sh!t at a different job.. More than likely they are fired, and that is a job where lives are usually not at stake.. What makes this so different?
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Eh bit excessive but what kind of moron assaults a cop?LJS9502_basic

A wheel chair bound one apparently, the guy should be charged with resisting arrest or some such other thing..

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[QUOTE="Nibroc420"] i lol'dFightingfan

Did you laugh before or after you figured out human anatomy?

I noticed that as well, I can bend my arm in that position no problem.

You can put your elbow behind your head. Yes, However from there, you cannot force your elbow/forearm very far down without pain.
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Those a-holes in wheel chairs just think the law doesn't apply to them bat. LEO is a felony :P
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the cop that did it got two misdemeanors.

he intends to plead not guilty.

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Administrative paid leave. Why is this allowed again?

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While I can understand the arguments defending the cop's action, I still think it was extremely excessive. Beating a crippled man's face into the ground is unprofessional in any scenerio. Sometimes I wonder how morons like this get to be the ones protecting the streets.

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Guess what? The system needs you. Its huge. Its no small chore keeping the jails filled; government employees at work; and those tax dollars, fines, and court costs rolling in. The problem nowadays is that, in many cities, serious crime is way down. The cops are great at arresting the really bad guys, and state legislatures have passed stiff sentencing guidelines that put felons away for decades. What youll never see, however, is a headline like this: Crime DownJudges Laid Off, Cops Furloughed, Jails to Close. So what to do? If murderers, armed robbers, rapists, and drug dealers are in short supply, the system fills itself with graffiti writers, jaywalkers, petty drug users, drivers with suspended licenses, and clueless types who mouth off to cops. The criminal justice system needs inmates to survive. This bureaucratic imperative to make ever more arrests is never absent from the decisions of cops and judges, and its never discussed.