Peter O'Toole dies at 81

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One of the 'greats', amazed that he never won an Oscar.

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A great actor and it's a shame when it came to the Oscars he always had to compete with tough competition (Peck, De Niro, Kingsley, etc.)

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And that is that.

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I thought he was already dead. RIP

Maybe one day I'll finally watch Lawrence of Arabia

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God damn it, that montage of dead people at the Oscars will be PACKED next year.

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Didn't know he was still alive TBH....

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Lawrence of Arabia is my favourite movie of all time, he will be missed.

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RiP. I liked his role as Lord Chelmsford in Zulu Dawn.

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never heard of him.

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Lawrence of Arabia is such a masterpiece. RIP

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I got a kick out of it when he would pop up in a movie on tv when I wasn't expecting to see him. He took a lot of roles and seems like he didn't back away from lesser known movie productions.

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I assumed he was closer to 90.

I really need to track down a copy of Lawrence of Arabia. It's been 20 years since I've seen it.