Paul Walker dies in car accident

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#101 Posted by Simjang (9 posts) -

RIP, Buddy...

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Sad news indeed.

#104 Posted by Otomo1979 (14 posts) -

R.I.P Paul Walker and Roger Rodas

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Judging from that pic, it looks like it was probably fast and, mercifully quick, or he horrifically burned to death.

Not a good way to go. I didn't care for his movies, but that sucks.

#106 Edited by GrayF0X786 (3833 posts) -

It was time for him to go back to the creator

rest in peace.

#107 Posted by slipknot0129 (5484 posts) -

I guess he is going back to the rma department of the universe.

#108 Posted by Evil_Saluki (4878 posts) -

Kind of poetic way to go for him don't you think? I am not happy he's gone. I remember him most in Road Kill then Fast and Furious, just remember him putting on that womans voice on the radio. His character in Fast and Furious was rather stoic compared to his other stuff.

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