Palestinian Child In Rifle Crosshairs Is Posted On Instagram

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Also kk, I first commented on your continued outbursts. Not so much the hatred by itself, but the fact that you have been angry lately. Was pointing it out. The comment I first quoted(saying you were hostile) wasn't so bad by itself but it was just another instance of a pattern I have noticed from you. I commented on it because of other posts you have made in other threads. The further posts from me about you itt were a response to your posts to me. So I didn't go after the other guy because I don't care about the idiot. And only "went after" you because we were engaged in a conversation. Please don't become the next theokhoth or droidphysx. Remain at a higher standard. Like with what happened between you and Delgado the other day. You were right to call him out, but then you just started using hateful terms that made you become what you are fighting against. It wasn't so much that you were fighting delgado, it was the way you were fighting him. it was the language and vitriol that you didn't realize was hateful to others aside from Manny. Antigay language, sexist ideas. Others noticed this and brought it up to you. I seem to recall you not getting why people were upset with you or you just not caring. You also use some pretty hateful language when getting into it with droidphysx.

Please realize that the stuff you say is like the stuff you fought against. It's like what I told SM about his desire to track down and torture nazis in horrific ways(in which he was specific and graphic in his descriptions about what he would do), you must not let your anger consume you. SM was right to feel hatred towards nazis, but the issue was that he was allowing this hatred to fester inside of him and consume him. He was willing to go against his strongest principles. Don't let it turn you into a darker person. What will you gain when you vanquish your enemies while in the process you lose your humanity? Please think about this.
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I don't see the problem here. He didn't shoot the kid. He's just having a bit of fun with a sniper rifle.
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[QUOTE="LJS9502_basic"][QUOTE="dave123321"][QUOTE="LJS9502_basic"] Eh...did he shoot the kid? If not....I don't see what all the fuss is.

Just doesn't send the right message. Kids in crosshairs are generally upsetting.

Some humans have a sick sense of humor......some of those humans post here. Not really worth getting panties all bunched up though.

Yes, I am aware