OT, what do you do when you find a seed?

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usually, if i find one i'll just be like, "it is what is what it is," but if i find another, i get disgruntled and feel like calling the guy back to complain. i never do call though.

OT, what do you do when you find a seed?

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When I find a seed where?

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Usually I just expect them to be part of the loaf but one time I grabbed the wrong kind of bread with pumpkin seeds (yuck) so I took it back to the guy at the shop and got a refund, um I guess bread is what your talking about...

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@187umKILLAH: good on you for getting your refund. if you pay for something, it should be what you wanted and not a bunch of wood(?).

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Throw it in the trash with the stems.

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@187umKILLAH: omg, is that new?

there is a "is best answer" button next to the reply, quote, and flag buttons now.


it's like a like button!

also, good on you for getting your refund. if you pay for something, it should be what you wanted.

No it's old where I live but eating large seeds in bread just seems wrong, I mean you get the soft texture of bread with these large crunchy seeds.

Actually when I returned the bread I saw this junkie in the supermarket parking lot who had just robbed the place with a screwdriver and was being held down by some people, he had blood all over his face and was missing some teeth from the struggle that had just happened. I couldn't help but laugh to myself while thinking 'All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth' lol

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@187umKILLAH: yea i noticed a little after i posted that it was just because it was an answerable question... silly me.

crazy story though, i guess some people just start fiending and do irrational things :P

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@4myAmuzumament: Those new features coming into play again, nevermind it's all good. Crazy story indeed, no wonder they call it the silly season!

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I keep the seeds.

Never know when it might become legal to grow.

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I throw it in my yard, and cross my fingers it grows into a Jack and the bean stock mode ! Lol ...

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I guess most of OT gets only the good stuff. May explain why this place is so tired.

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This reminds me of the time when my grandmother had a 6ft tall marijuana plant growing in her garden.

My grandmother had found some seeds in my Uncle's pants, and her being an avid gardener she planted em. Well, I went to visit my grandmother. While sitting outside I was looking at her flowers, and I noticed this huge plant that I never saw before, and I asked my grandmother what it was. She told me she had found the seeds while washing clothes; I go up to this plant and I couldn't stop laughing because she literally had a marijuana plant as tall as me in her front loan.

The funny part is my grandmother is 92-95 years old. She's totally innocent of knowing what marijuana is, and that it's illegal.