OT Fan Cave: What are your favorite sports teams?

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#1 Posted by CycleOfViolence (3314 posts) -

There are two teams I follow religiously

  • Colorado Avalanche
  • Atlanta Braves

And one semi-religiously

  • Arsenal F.C.

What about OT?

#2 Posted by Engrish_Major (17368 posts) -
Penguins That is all.
#3 Posted by Jandurin (95544 posts) -
televised national sports suck
#4 Posted by CycleOfViolence (3314 posts) -

televised national sports suckJandurin

Commie :x

#5 Posted by EPaul (9906 posts) -

Los Angeles Lakers

Manchester United F.C.

#6 Posted by Blue-Sky (10315 posts) -


#7 Posted by Swanogt19 (24159 posts) -
Bruins and Pats.
#8 Posted by chaoscougar1 (36791 posts) -



#9 Posted by BrianB0422 (1636 posts) -
The Pittsburgh Penguins. That's about it.
#10 Posted by kittensRjerks (3802 posts) -

NHL: Edmonton Oilers

NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

NBA: Minnesota Timberwolves

MLB: St.Louis Cardinals

CFL: Edmonton Eskimos

WHL: Brandon Wheat Kings

#11 Posted by Jandurin (95544 posts) -

WHL: Brandon Wheat Kings

rofl what
#12 Posted by iloverikku11 (11039 posts) -

OKC Baby

#13 Posted by kittensRjerks (3802 posts) -


WHL: Brandon Wheat Kings


rofl what

Western Hockey League. One of the Canadian Junior Leagues.

#14 Posted by tjricardo089 (7429 posts) -


Real Madrid C.F.


L.A. Lakers

#15 Posted by Rikusaki (16365 posts) -

Oregon Ducks. Rose Bowl Champions 2012.

#16 Posted by chaoscougar1 (36791 posts) -

OKC Baby

They are going to be ridiculous. Amazing young talent
#17 Posted by Genetic_Code (13126 posts) -
I like the Dallas Mavericks and the Texas Rangers.
#18 Posted by MarioRPGer (11345 posts) -

-Baltimore Ravens

-Baltimore Orioles

#19 Posted by TwoFace-BS (10395 posts) -
Ireland for all sports Obviously GAA - Dublin (Sport only irish people play) Football - Newcastle Utd Rugby - Leinster NFL : Only just started watching it and since dont live in the US,I have no affinity to a team yet
#20 Posted by IcyToasters (12476 posts) -

NHL: Just the Canucks I think.

I don't follow too many sports, but like to watch some Canucks games during the playoffs. I guess I like them because my brother has always like them.

#21 Posted by Commander-Gree (4929 posts) -
Eagles and Phillies.
#22 Posted by dagreenfish (1817 posts) -
Denver Nuggets, Broncos, Portland trailblazers.
#23 Posted by CBR600-RR (9690 posts) -

I live in Manchester but I live closer to Manchester City FC. I support United though.

#24 Posted by DarthJohnova (4599 posts) -

Football: Derby County

Rugby: Leinster

...that's about it I guess.

#25 Posted by Zaibach (13444 posts) -

Manchester United F.C

The greatest sports team in the history of the universe, and of all other multi-verses in this dimension and the next.

#26 Posted by CosmoKing7717 (4603 posts) -
Falcons Steelers Penguins I am a sad fan. :c
#27 Posted by Bucked20 (6951 posts) -



#28 Posted by ZumaJones07 (16458 posts) -
Dallas Mavericks and Dallas Cowboys. I need to start following hockey because after going to a few games, I want to fully support my Dallas Stars.
#29 Posted by Dark__Link (32653 posts) -
Patriots, Red Sox, Nuggets, and Syracuse (both college football and basketball).
#30 Posted by VendettaRed07 (14003 posts) -

New York Giants

New York Knicks

New York Rangers

New York Mets

Chelsea F.C.

#31 Posted by VaguelyTagged (10154 posts) -

FC barcelona

newcastle utd


#32 Posted by Omni-Slash (54404 posts) -
Jets...Mets...Temple and Syracuse....
#33 Posted by animorphsfan (1511 posts) -

Orlando Magic

#34 Posted by mems_1224 (46941 posts) -
All my Houston teams Houston Rockets Houston Texans and for better or worse the Houston Astros Also follow the Philidelphia Eagles(my favorite team growing up till we got the texans) University of Houston and Virginia Tech football Duke basketball i think thats about it
#35 Posted by SaintLeonidas (26156 posts) -
Patriots/Red Sox/Celtics
#36 Posted by Dark__Link (32653 posts) -

and Syracuse....Omni-Slash

#37 Posted by NightStalkerBX (2032 posts) -

NY Giants and NY Yankees

I used to watch the NJ Devils years ago but I haven't followed the NHL for at least five years.

#38 Posted by BrianB0422 (1636 posts) -
Dallas Mavericks and Dallas Cowboys. I need to start following hockey because after going to a few games, I want to fully support my Dallas Stars.ZumaJones07
Is it the best sport to see live or what? Just awesome.
#39 Posted by CommanderShiro (21746 posts) -

Jacksonville Jaguars, Florida Gators (Football and Basketball), North Florida Ospreys (Basketball and other sports), USA Soccer

#40 Posted by imaps3fanboy (11172 posts) -
Any chicago sports team, minus the white sox
#42 Posted by worlock77 (22547 posts) -

St. Louis Cardinals

Scuderia Ferrari

Don't really follow any sports aside from baseball and auto racing.

#43 Posted by Fightingfan (38011 posts) -
I like the Chicago black hawks, only because I can scream at the top of my lungs "Who likes black cocks?, We like black cocks!".
#44 Posted by CajunMadePunk (8600 posts) -
College: LSU Tigers NFL: New Orleans MLB: Chicago Cubs NBA: Chicago Bulls NHL: Chicago Blackhawks
#45 Posted by villa4europe (7081 posts) -

aston villa

after that i like a coupl of teams that my old favourite players used to play for - barcelona (luis enrique)inter milan (djorkaeff)ajax (mid 90s team) and the chargers (tomlinson)

#46 Posted by Branmuffin316 (1200 posts) -

Football: Detroit Lions and New England Patriots

Baseball: San Francisco Giants and Detroit Tigers

Basketball: Minnesota Timberwolves

#47 Posted by foxhound_fox (88047 posts) -
Obviously the Winnipeg Jets and Winnipeg Blue Bombers.
#48 Posted by Pikdum (2241 posts) -

Tampa Bay Lighting.

#49 Posted by Allicrombie (25185 posts) -
Lakers, Bruins, Huskies. Ravens are okay,
#50 Posted by hgasf006 (165 posts) -

Man U, 49ers, Giants, Sharks