Old site vs. New Site

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Posted by sammyjenkis898 (28122 posts) 1 year, 2 months ago

Poll: Old site vs. New Site (718 votes)

Old site 80%
New Site 21%

Let's get those initial impressions in, people!

Which one do you prefer at the moment?

#551 Posted by chrisrooR (9027 posts) -

-small sigs

-can't see which threads have been replied to since you've visited (gradient shading of thread topics)

-no levels under usernames

My main problem since the change is that the forums just seem....dead. Seems like lots of people have left.

#552 Posted by sammyjenkis898 (28122 posts) -

Kind of upsetting that this site still moves at a snail's pace.

#553 Posted by locus-solus (543 posts) -

old site at this point

#554 Posted by Nengo_Flow (9860 posts) -

@Trail_Mix said:

Old site.

This new site is awful. Navigation is definitely the biggest issue right now for me.

HEY! what the FUCK!?!?!?!??!!?!

They said we cant have gifs in our sigs. What the hell mods?

#555 Posted by ninedot (114 posts) -

I hate this new site - and hate is a strong word! No levels? That's what I found motivated me to continue posting all the time. Even if I wasn't interested in the topic, I'd put in my two cents to make sure I was being an active member - and that would be reflected by how quickly I could increase my level. Without that, I'd rather just keep my opinion to myself. I also can't seem to find a convenient way to see all the new releases coming out week by week like the old site. There are also vague descriptions of release dates - e.g., old site said bf4 is being released on October 29th while the new site simply says "October 2013" - that's inconvenient. And to top it all off, simple things I used to always look up using the main search bar, such as my friends profiles, no longer return any results. Instead I have to go to the forums and search up their posts and then click on their post to see their profile. How tedious! Even abbreviations of games aren't working. Bf3, bf4, all return results which don't even contain battlefield. The old site used to understand these abbreviations and have the first result be the game you are looking for.

Honestly, I don't really get gamespots thinking on all the changes they made. It was supposedly to help make finding news and important information easier - but I feel that it has only made this task more difficult.

#556 Posted by the_plan_man (1560 posts) -

It looks like Giant Bomb's format, which really isn't at all as good as the old GS format. I know people will get used to it maybe, but the format just doesn't work for me.

#557 Posted by sammyjenkis898 (28122 posts) -

Anyone know if emojis will be added? For a place that tries to be modern, this forum feels stripped away of basic necessities.

#558 Edited by WhiteKnight77 (12018 posts) -

Its home built code and they have to write the code for features that would normally be found in forum software.

#559 Posted by comp_atkins (31476 posts) -

perf. still stinks and forums are dead these days.... don't see how it's an improvement if half your user base jumps ship.

#560 Posted by abhreebhu (71 posts) -

See even the New site can't do Mathematics,,,,Old Site v New Site votes segregation is 80% n 22%=102%,,,,,get back the old site u drunken fools!!!!!

#561 Posted by THE_DRUGGIE (24964 posts) -

@abhreebhu said:

See even the New site can't do Mathematics,,,,Old Site v New Site votes segregation is 80% n 22%=102%,,,,,get back the old site u drunken fools!!!!!

Holy crap, you're right.

This is...wow, what the hell?

#562 Posted by WhiteKnight77 (12018 posts) -

I posted this in the Bug and Feedback Forum, no response to it at all from anyone other than Dave. So much for home grown software. They would be better off spending the money they are using to continue development of the forums software that they could license a true forum software package that works out of the box with the features we want.

#563 Posted by ALLIAMOS (220 posts) -

old site

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You didn't split up my owned games into separate Platform categories.