ObamaCare's Employer Mandate Delayed For The Second Time.

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Employers With 50 to 99 Full-Time Workers Won't Have to Provide Coverage Until 2016

The Obama administration on Monday announced it is delaying the employer mandate in ObamaCare until 2016 for some businesses.

This delay in the mandate — the second so far — would only apply to businesses with between 50 and 99 employees, who would have until January 2016 to decide whether to offer insurance to their employees or pay a penalty. Businesses would also be barred from cutting their workers in order to fall under the threshold.

The employer mandate, a cornerstone of the healthcare reform law, was initially set to take effect in January, but the administration announced in July that companies would have until January of 2015 to comply.

A senior Treasury Department official stressed that the new language on the mandate was not meant to influence decisions about hiring or downsizing.

“We’re not trying to interfere with what the business necessities might be,” he said.

The new rules clarify the definition of a 30-hour-work week, the basis for how the law counts full-time employees. Treasury said the changes are meant to give companies more flexibility by them allowing to average employee hours over the course of an entire year as they tally their worker counts.

The changes come in response to a flood of comments submitted following the agency’s release of draft regulations more than two years ago.

The initial delay took place after business groups warned that unresolved questions about reporting requirements would cause havoc. Officials said additional final regulations streamlining those requirements would be issued in the coming days.


Ditto, you can't make this stuff up. Democrats are running scare, blood is in the water and the Senate on the line.

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And as they say, that is that

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It's the law of the land stop trying to change it.. Oh wait..

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Oh I forgot to mention that I hope voters take this kind if stuff into account come to the voting booth. Weighing the pros and cons against each other and making a good faith decision