No E3 2014 Emblems/Trophies?

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I'm sorry if this has already been answered but I was just wondering about the Gamespot Trophies/Emblem system, Normally every year if you watch each E3 conference and live shows you would get and Emblem (See pic). I was just wondering why I never received the this years emblems?

I know it's not exactly a big deal but I always enjoyed collecting the emblems each year for E3 xD

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Have you been living under a rock? the emblems got removed after the update.

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I'm a busy guy! Cheers for the info though :)

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Yeah that sucks...I miss the emblems...

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I didn't even watch E3 on gamespot this year since the streams were so bad, so at least I didn't miss out.

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Obama's fault.

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Emblems have been removed. This is also not the forum for this.