Nike SB's vs Nike 6.0's

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#1 Posted by monkey2go (3760 posts) -
Other forums say 6.0's are not for skating some say both shouldnt even make skate shoes...What are your thoughts?
#2 Posted by Mr_duong (309 posts) -
ive never had 6.0s but sbs are def for skating man, i love em, dunks or p-rods
#3 Posted by TaylorDoom (54 posts) -
SB >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 6.0
#4 Posted by _Brennan_ (3241 posts) -
I have a pair of P-Rod SB's. I skate a little and those shoes, by far, are the best skate shoes I've ever owned. ;)
#5 Posted by Skylarkell (2797 posts) -
I have the woody 6.0's and a one pair of sb's. Love them both.
#6 Posted by andyboiii (13629 posts) -
I had this really nice nike sb elephant jacket once and I lost it at the basketball courts :(
#7 Posted by Jackass4Life (953 posts) -
They're both for skating. I prefer the SB's though. They're less bulky and give me better board feel.