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I am in the market for a new tv. I am going to use it mainly (75%) on cable and blu ray and 25% on gaming. I have been a little out of the game on this. Is LED still the best all around choice? Are there any specific manufacturers or models (especially in Canada)?

Thanks all!

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Get a big one!

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Plasma. Panasonic. 1080p.

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Panasonic plasma before they all disappear (assuming the room isn't too bright)

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ST or VT Viera or Sharp Elite if you want to show off your wallet to your friends.

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A Panasonic plasma is the best TV you can get.

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I don't know if you have Costcos in Canada, but I recently got the new 60" Sharp Aquos LED smart TV for $999. Pretty hard to beat it for the money.

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Thanks for the feedback all, I will check all of those models out. I didn't expect Panasonic Plasma being listed. What makes it so good? It is good for gaming? I assume burn in is a thing of the past?