Name an interesting fact about your job/industry

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I'll go first. When I was a senior in college a few years ago, I interned for a Fortune 500 Oil and Gas company. Going into this job, I was a little naïve and often blamed large oil and gas companies for many of America's resource problems. Though I'm not ruling out that a lot of corporate leaders aren't greedy, I did learn the following that most wouldn't know unless they worked in the oil and gas industry:

Per every gallon spent at the pump, the government takes approximately 70% of what you pay for regulations, laws, etc. Next, after paying for the cost of refining and transporting product, America's largest gasoline providers make on average anywhere from 7 - 10 cents per gallon in profit.

This is why gas stations sell cigarettes, foods, etc. The profit margin on a pack of smokes and a 6 pack of beer is sometimes 5-10x more profitable than a few gallons of gas.

Needless to say, a lot of my liberal perspective in regards to oil and gas changed after my internship upon seeing how much we forked over to the govt every month :p

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Workers spit in the food of rude customers

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I have no job.

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last night I got paid $100/hour and I didn't even have to blow anybody

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My job is not interesting enough for me to even list a fact about it.

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I just got promoted. I shall name this fact Timothy.

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I'm currently unemployed and have applied for jobs in the freight industry (local delivery driver, forklift operator, material handler, etc).

An interesting fact would be that without people to drive the trucks (and trains to a lesser extent) and distribute the goods to subsidiary warehouses, North American society would fall apart.

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Tenure, as it applies to public school teachers at least, does not mean that you can't get fired for incompetence. It simply means that you must be given due process. So basically, it just means that there has to be a valid reason for terminating a teacher's contract and a hearing before the school board. So if you fail to do your job properly, you will get canned just like in any other profession.