My PS3 got PERM. Banned. Some help please?

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Ok so i have a ps3 with 2 accounts, 1 is my brothers, one is mine. The PS3 console got banned permanently because my brother jailbroke it. But my brother got his psn account banned permanently too, but my account didnt. When i log in it says "cannot access psn on this system", when he logs in it says "cannot use psn with this account". I just bought a new ps3 and im worried about logging into it with my account because I don't want this new PS3 banned.. So if i log into my psn on this PS3 nothing will happen even though I had my account activated on a jailbroken ps3? ADDITIONAL, I cannot deactivate my psn on the other ps3 because obviously I can't log in, and i can't deactivate all devices from my account from the computer because I already did it in the last 6 months... Thanks
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I;m terribly sorry but: 1.i cannot help you X_X 2.There is a specif board for this other than OT.
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Someone just got yelled at for posting a thread like this in the OT :P

Why even go to off topic, why not go to the specialzed PS3 fourm? No? Off topic has the experts in your eyes yes?

In that case flip a coin

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where can i post this
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where can i post thiscalipark
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[QUOTE="calipark"]where can i post thisTrainerCeleste

You got it.