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Soul, Jazz, Blues, Psychedelic Rock, old Punk Rock or any other genre that falls under one of these and is worth listening to.

I've been playing for about 7 years now on multiple instruments and almost every genre out there, but the aforementioned genres are what inspire me the most and are the ones I'm playing/listening to the past couple of years, any band suggestions ?

P.S. My fav artist/composer for months now is Hiromi Uehara. Chick Corea was my #1 for as long as I can remember but she just blew me away, and btw the reason I can't go on without music is really video games, as a kid I always appreciated the time and effort given to make those timeless retro video game soundtracks, so I always wanted to learn how to play my favorite soundtracks.......then one thing led to another and here I am :)

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I see punk rock on there, which means I must make sure you are familiar with the Dead Kennedy's AKA the greatest punk band to ever grace this undeserving Earth!

Kill The Poor

California Uber Alles

Life Sentence

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Try some fun modern rock bands... The Killers, The Strokes, Bloc Party, Franz Ferdinand, Arctic Monkeys, Two Door Cinema Club...

Yes, I am a new-wave princess.

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If you're into instrumental acoustic music, go youtube Tommy Emmanuel, Andy Mckee, Antoine Dufour, and just about any video that shows up in the "related" list to any of them. Prepare to spend all night having your blown and re-blown.

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For a different style suggestion, I recommend checking out the band Graveyard. Got turned onto them recently by a member of a local band on facebook. Can't believe I hadn't heard of them until now.

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@LostProphetFLCL said:

For a different style suggestion, I recommend checking out the band Graveyard. Got turned onto them recently by a member of a local band on facebook. Can't believe I hadn't heard of them until now.

nice nice, kinda hardrockish....not bad

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well not really into "new wave" I've kinda grown past it somehow, but I sure know The Dead Kennedys but there's no way I'll decide which PR band was the best cuz I never had a favorite....just enjoyed listening to all sorts of Punk classics

I know Andy Mckee, I'll check out the rest cuz I spent a decent amount of time back in day playing acoustic/classic medleys

So that's what the great gamespot can come up with, I need more !? weird I thought there were more musicians/music lovers among the 1000s on this site but I guess everyone else is too busy buying the new Bieber album

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Old Salsa

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never tried some alternative electronic music?

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the trey gunn band

stinking lizaveta

dax riggs

they're all pretty diverse as far as rock goes though

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try Andrew WK

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I think Tobacco is kind of similar to a retro videogame soundtrack but you could also try Anamanaguchi since they are exactly that.

If your feeling more hippie, I think Black Moth Super Rainbow is a good option

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Radio Moscow, Blues Pills, Hella, S.A.R.S., Elvis Jackson, Brutus, Tame Impala. Some stuff that fell out of my mind at this time.

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Grateful Dead

I'll also echo the recommendation for Tame Impala.

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@TheFlush: I did but wasn't really into that kinda stuff (unless ur high :P)

Infected Mushroom is an exception though, Saeed has been on my iPod for years now

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thnx for all the replies, I'll check everything out and hopefully find some timeless bands/songs in there somewhere

and keep em coming and happy holidays

oh and enjoy this from my #1 composer Hiromi, hope it inspires everyone the same way it inspired me and to get some people to really appreciate Jazz as a major diverse genre...