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#1 Posted by sped_ed (217 posts) -
The greatest band eva, imo. I'd have to be super high to come up with some music like this.
#2 Posted by wrlyy (7632 posts) -
Haha, yes. Too bad they split up.
#3 Posted by sped_ed (217 posts) -
Haha, yes. Too bad they split up.wrlyy
Yea, makes me a sad panda.
#4 Posted by andyxm (6193 posts) -
thats some crazy tune.
#5 Posted by Greg-M (158 posts) -
Mr. Bungle is great, but certainly an acquired taste. It's unfortunate that the band broke up, but you can bet Mike Patton will do some crazy stuff as the voice of The Darkness.
#6 Posted by Denjin_hadouken (5927 posts) -
Too bad they split up