Most popular soccer league?

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Does anyone know whats the most popular soccer league in Europe? There's all these different soccer leagues such as the EPL, Champions League, Uefa cup etc. But I just want to know which league people tend to follow the most.

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Manchester United.
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The big three leagues are:




But quite a few people also follow dutch, french, portuguese, greek, turkish, scottish etc etc..

UEFA Cup and UEFA champions league are widely followed by most of europe... which hopefully i will see my beloved Celtic in either of next season :P

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ahh im sorry. It will be between the English premier League or the spanish La liga. champions league ufea cup is made up from teams in europe who qualify in their league to play in them.
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The Premiership for sure. Best players too. La Liga is also hella popular worldwide.
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English Premier League has the most exciting football. Foreign matches often seem a bit dull to me.

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English Premier League (The Premiership) is far and way the most popular.

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The big three leagues are:- 1.Premier League (England) 2.La Liga (Spain) 3.Seria A (Italy) I personally like the Premeir League.
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La Liga.
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Premier League is the most popular one nowadays. A few years ago it was La Liga.

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Barclays Premier League, obviously. I will add the Champions League as we have the best teams qualifying for it.

#12 Posted by kingdre (9456 posts) -

The BPL and Serie A come to mind.

#13 Posted by Maqda7 (3299 posts) -
La liga is way more popular worldwide than any other league. The english league is popular as well but not as popular as the spanish league.
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I say Italy is the most popular soccer league.

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Best football league is probably the English Premiership. La Liga is lacking, but it's the most popular.

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Premier League no doubt about it.