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I saw this on the BBC news last night and it actully came from Newcastle, but why would people do this sort of thing? Its called Milking where you just pour a pint of milk all over yourself-

I'm not even sure why this is a huge thing at the moment but I think its silly, I'd probably do something foolish like that but only if I was really drunk maybe

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Apparently no one's hardcore enough for the mighty gallon.

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Stupidity at its finest
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what a waste of milk
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what a waste of milkLonelynight
Well yes, at least it wasn't what I first thought it was though.
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Stupidity at its finestchaoscougar1


what a waste of milkLonelynight

...and this

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Never heard of that before in my life.
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What would the cows say to that?!

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I think general stupidity explains this well enough. That guy in the shower was kind of hot though.
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I could appreciate people wanting a nice facefull of warm cream, but milk?

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I could appreciate people wanting a nice facefull of warm cream, but milk?


Warm... cream?

Don't... just... don't...


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I am far too fond of milk to waste it like that. Not to mention the expense.
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I like milk....but not enough to pour it over my head.

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I remember seeing this years ago on the old G4 I can't believe it's still going on :lol:
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I don't understand this. It's just really stupid.