Metal Songs with Catchy/Melodic Choruses?

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I'm new to this genre and I'm loving it. I'm not really used to the shrieking and growling stuff (well I do love growling) so I'm looking for something more according to my liking.An example for my 'liking' would be Threat Signal.
I don't really want any metal nerd to start a brawl here like "Shrieking and growling is REAL Metal". Any one who knows songs/albums of this sort is welcomed.

Help will be appreciated.

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Metal music isn't really about catchy choruses as much these days, though there are metal bands that have them. That's more up rock music's alley (or even punk). Metal music is more about guitar playing and drumming. The band you listed is mostly metalcore, but that hardly is even considered metal. Iron Maiden has tons of catchy choruses, but where they shine is in their instrumentation.

Example of Iron Maiden with catchy choruses

The Trooper

Run to the Hills

Example of Iron Maiden where they shine in composition and instrumentation

Phantom of the Opera

For you honestly, I probably recommend the cartoon band Dethklok.

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@KHAndAnime: Oh yes I forgot to mention the subgenre metalcore, you know there are just so many metal genres out there. I also forgot to mention that I like Melodic Death Metal as well but so far only INSOMNIUM's and In Flames work has caught my attention. Thanks for the suggestions tho!

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The topic title is kind of an oxymoron lol

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Power Metal is basically known for its catchy/melodic choruses.

It's not for everybody, and I'm very particular about the PM bands I like.

Check out the first 2 Firewind albums (they switched lead singers after this) and early Dream Evil.

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Symphony of Destruction - Megadeth

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@Boddicker: now that's more like it. Thanks dude!

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Rainbow in the dark

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Groove metal, the genre, on the whole is built on a rock-and-roll kind of vibe. So there are songs made with proper riffs and song structures in mind.

Try Machine Head, Byzantine, Gojira, DevilDriver, Pantera, Soulfly and Primus.

It'll be hard to find anything in genres like death and black that fit into what you describe. Although, the new Behemoth album is breaking new ground and trying to bring traditional song structure to death/black metal. So try "The Satanist" as well.

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I believe I win this thread.

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@Boddicker: yeah this, power metal has lots of catchy choruses.

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@lostrib said:

Rainbow in the dark

This indeed. I listened to it a few times earlier today good song.

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Lol I imagine people are getting sick of hearing is from me, but I'm on quite the Dethklok/Brandon Small kick as of late. Talk about chorus's and melodies? Dudes a master at it. And if you like growling then Nathan Explosion might be right up your alley.

Oh and if you like power metal check out Nightwish.

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@geniobastardo: I think bands like 'Between the Buried and Me' and Opeth are great for getting into the metal genre (just my opinion, they are the bands I started with, mere coincidence they are labeled progressive metal bands lol). My recommendations for catchy chorus bands would be All That Remains and Shadows Fall.

Note: My personal opinion for when you first find out about a band is that you should start with their latest stuff then work your way back. That way their music gets better instead of starting off with the good stuff when they were young and creative, then being disappointed by their "sell-out" albums made by some overrated producer....

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