Low Poly Landscape

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[Note: This is an archived post from my blog: Unrealpossibilities.blogspot.in written at an earlier stage of my project on the recreation of Helm's Deep in UDK]

Recently I've developed a liking to Low-Poly graphics after seeing a lot of good artwork coming from Indie games in Twitter and Mod DB. Also I really got inspired by some of the paintings that Tolkien did for some of his books. Never knew he was an artist, but apparently he has made some amazing stuff apart from his writing. I wanted to try out something like that using Blender and so I hit up some of the sites I knew for tutorials. I found a good one at Cgi.tutsplus.com for setting good low poly scenes. So I basically tried it out and that resulted in this:

The whole scene contains just under 2500 tris, which would be roughly the same as one of the higher poly wall meshes in my game. And that itself would be a few million tris less than the models you see in high quality computer graphics. After the initial modeling and texturing, it was looking pretty blank even with a light source. But after adding a sky gradient and Ambient occlusion, it started to look better. A.O. helped in adding more realistic shadows to the scene. As the scene does not have any metallic objects or water, there was no need for any reflections. So the specularity is zero on all the models. A Sun light lamp was used as the primary source of lighting. Environment Lighting was also used with the sky color as the light source. I had to use an older version of Blender to use the stars, as it was removed from the version of Blender that I'm currently using (v 2.70). Finally a dark purple Ambient color was used to add a nice tint to the scene.

Hopefully I'll be done with the modeling for my Helm's Deep game soon. After that I'll be mainly occupied by optimization, fixing bugs, graphics improvements and adding small additional gameplay features for a while. So I'll probably have a bit more time in my hands to try out more low poly modeling on my own. Until then, Goodbye.