Looking for name of movie from early 90s

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Looking for name of movie from the early 90s, possibly late 80s, it was a live action film that featured a mouse or maybe mice as well. Can only remember there was a scene where the mouse/mice run while people are seated at dinner tables.

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OK. Good luck with that. Try blogging next time.

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Star Crystal.

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Gidet's Ga-Ga Gets Gooey.

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The closest thing I can think of is Mouse Hunt. It has a mouse running around a mansion and two dimwits try to kill it only to fail miserably. It was a pretty funny film.

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The Mouse and the Motorcycle, perhaps.

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That might be it, not sure though.

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OK. Good luck with that. Try blogging next time.

WTF would I blog a simple question. Like blogging would get any responses.

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Live action with mice? I'm thinking The Witches.

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what made you think it wasn't Star Crystal?

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Mouse Hunt?

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Biker mice.

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Only possible answer is Mouse Hunt. >_>

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Witches with Angelica Houston. I loved that movie when I was a kid.

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Stewart little

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The Borrowers