Longest Time You've Spent Away From Gamespot?

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#1 Posted by dunl12496 (5710 posts) -

6 months for me.

#2 Posted by Dylan_11 (11293 posts) -
Fifteen years give or take.
#3 Posted by dracula_16 (14773 posts) -

Two weeks, I believe. I was in the hospital for a week and decided to take another one off.

#4 Posted by soulless4now (41366 posts) -

A whole summer so about two and half months.

#5 Posted by chessmaster1989 (29100 posts) -
About 8 hours each night when I sleep.  [spoiler] But seriously, a couple of months. [/spoiler]
#6 Posted by muller39 (14944 posts) -

I just have come back after being away for a year. That has been my longest time absent.

#7 Posted by travisstaggs (10536 posts) -

Most of this year.

#8 Posted by scorch-62 (29741 posts) -
Only without using the forums? Like three or four months, at least.
#9 Posted by Nintendevil (6598 posts) -

My first 5000+ posts came from my first year of activity. Then I took at least a year off here and there.

#10 Posted by junglist101 (5457 posts) -

One time I was reading one of the articles on the site, about Jack Thompson I believe, and in the comments section I said he was a douche bag--which as everyone knows he is. I got modded for flaming(Jack Thompson). I politely went to AtM about it and they were very rude and locked my thread before I could even respond. I had to stay away for about 6 months. I'm pretty surprised I came back.

#11 Posted by VisigothSaxon (3789 posts) -

Months, not sure how many Oo

#12 Posted by fabz_95 (15424 posts) -
6 months +, I often take extended breaks from the place.
#13 Posted by kitty (114543 posts) -
2 months maybe?
#14 Posted by Kelayr (61857 posts) -
Several months, back when I was in lurker mode.
#15 Posted by CycleOfViolence (3314 posts) -

Several months. It was in between retiring my old account and creating this one.

#16 Posted by Overlord93 (12602 posts) -
2 months or so at the start of this year

6 months for me.

Welcome back. :P
#17 Posted by kittensRjerks (3802 posts) -

couple of months

#18 Posted by tocool340 (20483 posts) -
When I first joined Gamespot in 2004, it was only for a game trailer. After that game trailer, I didn't come back to gamespot for at least 1 year.....
#19 Posted by Alex3796 (2669 posts) -
A couple of weeks, maybe a month. Just get so busy I don't have time.
#20 Posted by mrmusicman247 (17575 posts) -
A year.
#21 Posted by ChampionoChumps (2380 posts) -
Like 3-4 months. Need to take another one :o
#22 Posted by sonicare (53448 posts) -

I think maybe 6 months? Not sure. I've been more active this year, but there were times when I was preocuppied with saving the world and such.

#23 Posted by DeX2010 (3991 posts) -
I believe I didn't post here for a couple of months.
#24 Posted by aaronmullan (33400 posts) -

More than a month. It was back when I posted religiously. I wouldn't care that much these days, but back then I was addicted to being online.

#25 Posted by lancea34 (6912 posts) -

A couple of weeks maybe. Can't stay too much away from this site... I need to know what's happening in the gaming world.