Live Streaming Problems!!??

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#1 Posted by bumsonfire (225 posts) -

hey all,

Im using this free live streaming software called Open Broadcaster Software. Its the only free software that connects with (which is a live streaming website for games). I want to start streaming but it keeps coming up with this every time i click the 'Start Stream' button.

It keep saying could not connect to server, when I have perfect internet, and yh. I have no idea with this firewall thing is and why its blocking it, SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!

#2 Posted by blackhawk9795 (202 posts) -

I don't have any info on that problem, but I just wanted to mention that you can stream with FFsplit ( It's free and you can connect to and stream with it. Hope that helps :)

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@blackhawk9795: Thanks so much! but still if there is anyone out there, please help me out