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Which one are you and be honest? im a leader, even my name means that!:)

How about you?

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Leader FTW!!
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Evil Overlord
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Communist! Or...oh.... leader....
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Don't take this the wrong way, but this is stupid. Nobody is going to admit to being a follower.
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lol no one whats to say follower tisk to bad looking for some people
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You could call me a leader of sorts...except for the fact that no one follows me.
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You could call me a leader of sorts...except for the fact that no one follows me.DaveGamer_05
Yeah, I would say leader mainly because I'm not a follower.
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I'm usually a follower, sometimes a leader.
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Neither, but I hang out with friends at school, if that makes me a follower.
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Leader for work. Follower for . . . I'll think of something.
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I think everyone wants to be a leader.
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Although I'm incredibly individualistic I am truthfully more comfortable in the follower role if I have people in charge of me that I trust and respect. Sadly due to my work ethic I am constantly thrust into the role of leader which I don't really like but oh well. 
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I'm a follower. Of course, the betraying type, who will kill you mercilessly and play with your emotions for the leader spot, even though I do not want it. The joy was toying with your pathetic life.
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follower that likes to take his own way.
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My followers are at the botom of a cliff :lol: :D


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I like to follow sometimes, but I think my true nature is that of a leader.
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But In seriousness I see myself a the lone ranger follow no one lead no one.
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Follower if I'm bored or don't want to have to think. Otherwise, I'm a loner. lone wolf suckas. eat me.
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Always been a leader, ever since I was a kid.
I would lead my friends, and cousins and decide what to do etc.

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I'm not a follower that gets pushed around or anything, but if I agree to something then I'll follow, I sometimes lead, but I feel a bit nervous.
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I'm definately not a follower, but I ain't much of a leader either. I'm more of a leader than a follower though.
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I think I'm more like the right hand guy...
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dependes on what i have to lead or follow...if its something i have confidence in and i know what im doing then ill lead....but if im inexperienced and want to know more about something ill follow....you cant lead without following first....
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Both FTW

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well...considering im senior class president....leader
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around guys im a leader, around girls...i'm a follower
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some follow them get the leader ehh
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Evil Overlord-911-
can't be more evil than me. the future world emperor!!!! :twisted:
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I'm a little bit of both.
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I follow really..I dont lead well lol
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some just dont or cant its not a bad thing more pressure when ur a leader
I follow really..I dont lead well lolmattmaul5488
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Lone wolf FTW!!  But i would be like a follower.  I am loyal to my friends and give suggestions to the leader.
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What's wrong with a team without a leader? Just a bunch of 'characters with good leadership skills and they're willing to follow orders when the time comes? Teamwork with elites FTW.
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A owner lol.
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Follower, generally.  Leading is too much pressure...
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if everyone's a leader that's Communism.
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I follow some people, but I also lead some people.^_^
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Im a loner. 8)
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I good with both, but follower seems better :)
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im fidy fidy