Ladies' Code members got involved in a car accident.

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I just saw it on the Yahoo page today. Or more specifically the entertainment page where very few Asians have ground breaking news. Anyway EunB died and the other two survived. I do wish the community to show remorse to the girl group. My heart goes out to them. If any of you are fans of the girls give request to PopAsia and they'll do the rest. Thank you.

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Don't know, don't care.

A locked is in order.

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No one cares or knows who they are.


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Maybe I wasn't clear enough. Ladies' Code is a Korean girl group. Few of the songs made it to PopAsia in Australia. So this is what I should've added. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

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Well...this is a first. I actually know what this thread is talking about.

PopAsia is a music video TV show that plays at odd times in Australia. Typically Korean pop music, some Japanese and Vietnamese and whatnot. Anyway, the show always seems to be on whenever my girlfriend is over, and KPop music videos are...completely mesmerising. Sometimes hilarious, sometimes woeful, but you just can't look away.

As for Ladies Code...they did, um, Hate You. Apparently. I always get them confused with Girls Generation.

I'd say something like "RIP" in regards to the accident, but I think I'm still in shock about knowing what the heck is going on here.

*edit*Okay, a few seconds of Googling tells me that I got them mixed up with yet another KPop band (although I still recognise the name). God I'm confused right now.

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@johnnyauau: Lack of clarity in your post isn't the issue. The issue is simply that most people don't care.

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Rest in peace. I hope those who survived are receiving great medical care. K-Pop is awesome.

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People die every day in road accidents. Are you going to make threads about all of them, too?

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Well this is the off topic discussion after all. Everyone's love of music and Asians has some place in its heart besides videogames. Consider a normal topic of discussion since I can't obviously do it anywhere else. I understand no one cares but our minds doesn't always have to be "Games games games!" all the time.

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@airshocker said:


One day Air, we'll know who anybody of everybody is.