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Am I the only one who likes these videos? I get scared easy ;)

The game is Haunted Memories, it's a slender man game. Good video anyone know of other videos like this one??

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Not looked at that game.

If this is subject on jump scares, the best one ever... This scene from Sinister. Anyone who seen the movie must will know what one I mean without clicking the link.

Dare you to turn the sound up.

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Nice video super scary haha

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I prefer the latter; much more emotional, and invokes your imagination, rather than your immediate senses.

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yeah we know Alfred Hitchcock and all that. Always room for jump scares. Also it's often the threat of jump scares that can lead to authentic fear.

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The games where you get chased are terrifying too

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@Jimn_tonic: I agree. However it's pretty much impossible to create real fear, when the person you are trying to scare is someone who has complete control of the situation (ie with a video game, player can simply pause/turn off and walk away) it's impossible to build tension in said person, where as jump scares are instant and therefor more effective for media.

I guess the only way to have anything close to real fear work in a video game is to slowly start to take away the players control, have buttons that are normally most commonly used no longer do anything, same with the start/pause button (though it still doesn't stop people from been able to just switch the machine off), take there control away and it might be possible, or it could simply make them angry and stop playing altogether.

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the scene from insidious scared the shit outta me

wouldnt let me link it:(

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Jump scares can have their place, but atmosphere and tension are always better and really they are required for a legitimate jump scare IMO.

A great example of a great scary scene would be this.

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That's the problem I have with most horror flicks. When you get past the jump scares (which pretty much startles anyone because of your sympathetic nervous system), you question whether or not the story itself is suspenseful or scary in itself...Speaking of which, the Paranormal Activity movies are overrated.

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I hate jump scares. I don't consider them real scares. More like... surprises.

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Jump scares when used too much isn't scary anymore.

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Playing Doom 3 makes me Jump Scare some times :)